09.05.2011 11:48 AM

Jason Lietaer is lie-ing

Jason Lietaer is Tea Party Tim Hudak’s official spokesman.  He’s also a former Big Tobacco lobbyist.

This morning in the Star, as noted, here’s what we all read:

Jason Lietaer, the Hudak campaign’s communications director, said Liberals and New Democrats would be welcome at PC events as long as they are not disruptive.

Lietaer expressed astonishment that the Liberals would end the tradition of allowing observers at rival events, which allows journalists to get quick opposition reaction.

“Astonishment,” eh?  Well, take a gander at this, Jason.  And, because it’s Monday and because I’m a nice guy, I will not accuse you of lies, and being a lying liar who tells them.

I’ll let others do that.


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  1. I am sure he is lying but you guys have tormented the Tories for years with “spies” at their events (many have been documented here).

    From the media coverage, it sounds like the Libs are afraid of the Tories being there. Even if it wasn’t the reason, it didn’t spin that well.

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