09.06.2011 09:35 AM

Key question just asked by Sun reporter at Hudak scrum

Q: Harper seems to be courting immigrants.  But you decry anything that benefits them.  Why would you do that?


  1. johngalt says:

    Recall that Tim did not win his leadership race in the GTA. He lost Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Pickering. He did well in rural and northern Ontario. And thanks to Randy Hiller’s voters who wanted him to scrap the human rights commissions, he secured these votes in Eastern Ontario to put him over the top.

  2. James says:

    Stupid populist angry taxpayer “they’re taking our jobs” pandering BS from the PC.

    The 905 should kill him in terms of votes.

  3. Ex Conservative says:

    Timmy-Boy must be a mutant from his neglected toxic Niagara likes with all these feet he’s shooting himself in.

    Tore up my Federal and Provincial cards once this tea-party mentality became obvious.

    Canada & Ontario is for everyone, not just your supporters.

  4. I understand the concept of helping new immigrants gain access to the job market and get Canadian experience. However, the Liberal promise could be an Achilles heel if the party does not clarify how this tax credit would actually work. Does it mean that a fairly new Canadian who owns a business can hire his immigrant brothers and sisters and receive tax credits? How will non-new Canadians be able to compete in the job market if someone else has a tax-credit benefitting him/her?

    I did check the Liberal platform. It is very general about the use of a tax credit to benefit new Canadians.

    • Chris says:

      It seems pretty clear to me. The Liberals are offering a way for skilled workers to get into the Canadian job market. I don’t imagine that this will displace many (if any at all) Canadian trained workers.

      It is a commonly known fact that it is difficult for foreign trained workers to get jobs in North America.

      It seems that Tim Hudak is more comfortable with skilled foreign workers driving taxi cabs than using their skills to help build a stronger future for Ontario.

      • JenS says:

        Not only is it difficult for foreign-trained workers to gain employment, but there’s the other side of that equation: Canada has a vast need for skilled workers. There is a growing problem of people not being trained for the jobs that are available — I recently heard a lecture entitled, “People without jobs, jobs without people.” Will try to track down some info . . .

  5. Jelena says:

    Here is the new Ontario PC Party ad attacking the Ontario Liberal Party’s proposed immigrant tax credit.
    I just love how the Tories continue to lie by saying this tax credit is “not for you” but is for “foreign workers”.
    What about all of those Ontarians who are foreign born immigrants but who are now residents of Ontario?.
    According to Statistics Canada close to 60% of all people living in the City of Toronto are foreign born immigrants. For the Province of Ontario as a whole it is apparently upwards of 25% of the total population.
    There are also those Ontarians who are the children and grandchildren of immigrants. I guess the Tea Party/
    Ontario Land Owners Association which have evidentially hijacked the Ontario PC Party only regard highly
    assimilated, unilingual, unhyphenated, Canadian born and bred individuals of White Anglo Saxon Protestant
    origin to be “true Ontarians” and “true Canadians”.

    There was a guy in line at Tim Horton’s this morning who struck up a conversation with me. He was complaining about immigrants. I guess he assumed that there was no way that I could possibly be
    an immigrant myself owing to the fact that I have long blond hair and blue eyes. He was quite surprised
    to say the least when I informed him that I was born and raised in Serbia and have only been here since
    1998. I think it was my accent which shocked him too!. His assumption that I was not an immigrant is
    yet further proof that the Ontario PC Party’s anti-immigrant policies such as their opposition to the
    $10,000 immigrant tax credit and their own proposal to deny social services to new immigrants for
    the first year of their new life in Ontario, is thinly veiled racism. The vast majority of Canadians who
    are anti-immigrant are not thinking about people who look like me and who come from Europe when
    they rant and rave. No, they are almost always thinking about non-White people who come from
    Asia and Africa.

    I have known many card carrying members of both the Ontario PC Party and the Reform Party of Canada…
    *cough*…Canadian Alliance Party…*cough*…Conservative Party of Canada and I can tell without a doubt
    that the grassroots membership base of both parties is filled with racists, sexists, homophobes, misogynists, xenophobes, Islamophobes and Anglo-Saxon chauvinists who have an almost pathological hated for
    immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec.

    PS: Warren, you guys need to get some ads out ASAP to define and defend the OLP’s proposed immigrant
    tax credit. Don’t wait for the rednecks to define it for you.


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