09.20.2011 09:07 AM

NDP candidate: those who fight Nazis are “pretty messed up”

Liberals Call on NDP to Dump Candidate
NDP Candidate says he can’t condemn Nazi politics because it’s just “other people’s religion”

Toronto – – The NDP should dump candidate Anthony Marco (Niagara West-Glanbrook) over comments posted to his website saying he can’t condemn Nazi politics because it’s just other people’s religion.

In a podcast on his website, lovehatethings.com, Marco goes on to say those who devote themselves to fighting Nazis are “pretty messed up.”

“For some people the old politics of Nazi Germany might be their religion.  And just as I can’t condemn other people’s religion, I can’t, I don’t agree with them, but you can’t stop somebody from believing in something… You’re the one who is pretty messed up if you’re going to devote your entire life to trying to convince somebody not to believe what they believe.”

Liberal candidate Bernie Farber (Thornhill), former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, says NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has no choice but to dump her candidate.

“I’ve devoted my life to this cause, and there is no place in Ontario politics for someone who doesn’t understand that Nazis and everything they stood for deserves condemnation,” said Liberal candidate Bernie Farber.  “He needs to go.”


  1. Chris says:

    Sweet mother of pearl you’re trying to take out Hudak in his own riding!

  2. bigcitylib says:

    I assume that by this point all Mr. Marco’s have been gone through, and all the nutty goodness harvested?


    • Warren says:

      Why, yes, now that you mention it.

      Want some?

    • Ted says:

      “It’s different, I know, (but) I am nothing but proud of the podcasts I have done,” Marco said Monday. “I would hope I’d never have to go back and apologize.”

      “I don’t want to call religion a hobby because a lot of people are going to get offended. But for the most part that’s what it is. For most people it’s a pastime.”

      I think Horwath will need to Harperize this guy.

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