09.26.2011 02:52 PM

Now is not the time to risk all that we’ve achieved


  1. anonymous says:

    Well, if you consider pending bankruptcy re the Samsung Deal as the turbines are non producers, blighting the landscapes, candidate for an ‘achievement award’, then by all means carry on…up the river, against the currents. His brilliance is only exceeded by his good, ol dad looks. Looks are deceiving in this case.

    • Cam Prymak says:

      Who is going bankrupt?

      • Michael S says:

        The Americans, especially in the US south. You know, the places that Tim Hudak wants Ontario to emulate.

        • The Doctor says:

          I wasn’t aware that the woes are any more concentrated in the US south than anywhere else. California, e.g., is a fiscal basket case. As is Michigan. And so on.

          • The Doctor says:

            Scot, news flash: the core Southern states have ALWAYS been the poorest. Alabama, for instance, has traditionally been the poorest state in the union. That includes the many many decades (really the century following the Civil War) when the South was the bastion of the Democratic Party. I loathe today’s Republican Party as much as anyone, but to try to pin the South’s economic underperformance entirely on the fact they go Republican in federal elections is more than a stretch. It just doesn’t hold up.

            The other thing is that many of these states vote in Democrats at the Congressional, state and local level. Does that mean those Democrats caused their problems? You’re being excessively partisan, which is a chronic disease for many on this site.

          • The Doctor says:

            Explain Canada. Stellar economic performer in relative terms in recent years, yet under the oppressive, benighted yoke of a (shudder) Conservative government.

            This is a retarded line of argument. There are lots of things that factor into any given jurisdiction’s economic performance. Natural endowments, and the interplay of multiple levels of government, local, state/provincial and federal. Plus you’re just taking a snapshot at one point in time, when a jurisdiction votes one particular way. What are we to conclude about a state that goes Democratic one election, Republican 2 or 4 years later? Who gets credit for good/bad economic performance?

        • Michael S says:

          You sure about that Gordo?

  2. mike says:

    Did he/she really post as anonymous? Why not just say Hudak lover?

  3. Lew says:

    That is funny stuff. Considering that Ontario now has the highest tax rates in its history, the highest deficit and debt in its history and the Liberals have no plan whatsoever to address this, that is some achievement.

    It is no wonder that people have left (like myself) or are planning on moving out of Ontario. It is quite demoralizing to pay $30-$40,000 a year in taxes to see it wasted on doomed-to-fail alternative energy policies and supporting overpaid public servants along with their defined benefit plans.

    Sadly, none of the three main party leaders are brave enough to tackle any of these issues. It’s all just about getting elected so the gravy train will keep running.

    Keep tabs on the events in Greece – the same sad story will be coming to Ontario in a few years time. A bloody shame.

    • pomojen says:

      So, as part of this rant you feel the need to tell us how much you pay in taxes so that…what…we’ll know what you rake in? Must be awfully demoralizing to make enough coin to have to fork over 30-40,000 in taxes. Really. Ew, Lew.

      And who are all these “people” leaving Ontario due to their allegedly shared demoralization?

  4. MikeLondon says:

    I remember back in the early 90s, it was debt and deficit hysteria shouted every day from the media and opposition parties. I’m not an economist, but even a marignally intelligent person can see that Ontario is not turning into Greece.

  5. Scott Tribe says:

    The preceding alarmist comments were brought to you by Wind Concerns Ontario, it appears.

  6. Jelena says:

    Good stuff Warren!. Excellent new television ad. I have been quite impressed with the highly positive television ad campaign being run by the Ontario Liberal Party thus far and it seems to be reflected in the latest polls. However, I do think you guys need to go negative on both Hudak and Horwath.

    In terms of Hudak, can we expect to see some television and radio ads this coming week reminding voters that Hudak plans to release criminals into the public and even around schools with his chain gang proposal?. What about some reminders of Hudak’s openly anti-immigrant and thinly veiled racist comments about “foreigners” and “foreign workers” in recent weeks?. I think a huge issue waiting to be highlighted to the public is Hudak’s plans to halt uploading of municipal downloading which was done by his former boss and mentor Mike Harris. The downloading burden on those who pay property taxes arguably resulted in the election of a right-wing bozo like Rob Ford.

    In terms of Horwath, you guys need more than just internet ads!. You guys need to run television and radio ads exposing the huge tax bill which Horwath’s proposals will result in. Horwath’s moving the NDP away from its “green policies” and in support of an environmental policy which would make Hudak blush is also important.

    A postive campaign reminding Ontarians of the Ontario Liberal Party’s achivements over the past 8 years is good, but just remember, George Smitherman decided to run an entirely positive campaign in terms of radio spots and newspaper ads and look who won as a result…

    Go get ‘em Warren!

    PS: You guys might also do well to remind Ontarians of Hudak’s past associations with Tristan Emmuell and also Hudak’s attendance at the “Canadians for Bush” rally a few years ago.

    Let’s get nasty and do it soon!

  7. Jon Powers says:

    Before Dalton – have province. After Dalton – have not province. Ya, he’s done a bang up job. Wow, you people are easily impressed.

    • Bill Templeman says:

      Good spin Jon. Punchy slogan, nice and short. Hangs in the mind like a bad Paul Anka song. But for voters who can think and read at the same time, it doesn’t work. Ontario is now have not. The rust belt in the US is now have not. Much of Europe is now have not. Why? Globalization. Manufacturing went to the BRIC countries and their satellites. But let’s blame Dalton. Easier than thinking.

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