09.07.2011 07:00 AM

Ontario Liberal campaign responds to PC lies about access and openness

How interesting.

The letter below is out on the wire. Minutes after it became public, a senior Ontario PC operative called me – I won’t say who he/she is – to say that, having read Morley’s letter, they are now ready to play “Let’s Make A Deal.” Quote unquote. He/she sounded unsettled.

So, it looks like they are backing off from the kind of thuggish tactics detailed in the letter below. If so, and if that holds, then we’re prepared to be liberal, as it were, too.

In any event, read the letter. There’s a reason we called Jason the “The Lie-taer.”


  1. AmandaM says:

    Sigh. This is one of those times that I would seriously encourage Ms. Corbett to THINK before she ACTS or SPEAKS. I speak of this nearly daily to my 16 year-old son.

    Also, I might be dumb at 5pm on a Wednesday after two days of calming the same teen son’s anxiety about a new school, but what is “Lie-taer” supposed to reference?

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