09.26.2011 10:40 AM

Ontario PC candidate disagrees with his own party’s attack ads

“[Greg Schirk] is critical of his own party’s attack ads against Dalton McGuinty.”

Good for him. He should now condemn what his campaign manager has been saying about Liz Sandals – and his own leader should heed his words, quoted above.

More here.


  1. Dennis Wharton says:

    Come on Warren – Mr Schik just misspoke. You know what that’s all about’

    Dennis Wharton

  2. Dennis Wharton says:

    Warren – – what do you mean “Your comment is awating moderation”? . You censor comments first?

    • Warren says:

      Watch your step, pal. Both your comments have been approved. If you get too snarky or way off topic, you’re gone.

      • Dennis Wharton says:

        noted – and the answer to my question is ?

        • Chris says:

          Uhh, have you ever used the internet before?

          Have you ever seen an unmoderated comment forum? They quickly attract garbage and bile (see almost any newspaper comment section).

          If you want completely unmoderated comments, it’s easy – start your own blog and you can say whatever you want to!

          I’ve never understood why some people seem to think that moderated commenting is such an affront to democracy – it’s like getting pissed off at somebody because they won’t let you spraypaint your message on their garage door.

          • Dennis Wharton says:

            Ah – you mean the nasty, below the belt bile like the blogs host, (I hear he’s a prominent figure in Ontario politics but what do I know), calling a respondent “snarky” and threatening him with “Watch your step pal … or your gone” simply because he asked a question. Or maybe the perceived bile was the question itself. Who knows –

            You’re right about the garbage – nobody seems to be able to debate points without getting personal. Guess that’s something a newbie to the internet has to learn.

            Is only using half your name also something I need to learn?

          • Cynical says:

            Moderation in all things….

          • Ted says:

            Oh. My. Gawd!!

            Thank you Dennis for bringing to our attention this dispicable snark from our host.

            Warren called someone “snarky”!!!!!

            Call the Internet Police! Immediately. Even Rob Ford would agree this is more deserving of a 9-1-1 call than errant graffiti.

            Where has civility gone? Is there no good in the world, anymore? Is there no justice in the world?

            Did you not read the Jack Layton letter, Warren?!?!?!?


            I’m no literary critic, but what I just wrote, is that snark or sarcasm? I can never remember which. Mockery is probably a better word.

            Comment moderation is in place here, as it is in many many other places Dennis, for libel, real nastiness, but, alas, not stupidity.

          • The Doctor says:

            Dennis, if you’re getting upset about the fact that comments are moderated, you really need to grow a layer of skin.

            What else gets you really upset? The fact that not everybody out there is a good driver? The fact that any given candidate that you vote for in an election might not necessarily win?

  3. Marc says:

    I was expecting something like this weeks ago – what took them so long? In the federal election these clowns were hovering over students trying to vote, and snatching ballot boxes away.

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