09.26.2011 06:31 PM

Tea Party Tim: Oooops!

Does Tim Hudak Know When the Debate Starts?

Toronto – – How badly is Tim Hudak’s scrambling campaign in disarray? They don’t even know when to send their candidate to the televised Leader’s debate.

This evening the PC Party sent an email note to their members, telling them to tune in to the Leader’s debate. “The debate will begin at 7pm.”

Oops! Just one problem. The debate starts at 6:30pm.

Maybe they don’t want their members to see Tim confronted about his scheme to kill thousands of Ontario jobs. Or perhaps they don’t want their members to see Tim stammer on his promised property tax hike. Or stumble on his $14 billion hole and cuts to hospitals and schools.

Whatever the reason, memo to the PCs: the debate starts at 6:30pm. Tune in for the whole thing and watch Dalton McGuinty outline his positive plan to keep Ontario moving forward, together.


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  1. SteveV says:

    Hudak is just showing up late to the debate to make a big entrance. Fashionably late is cool too, don’t forget.

    These guys are genius!!!

  2. sharonapple88 says:

    The PC warmachine at work. Maybe they’re punchdrunk.

    They also left a sign on my parents lawm without their permission. Apparently, my parents called them to pick it up, but so far they haven’t shown up. It’s stored in their garage right now.

  3. Michael S says:

    We’ve got a division of Dippers sweeping Ottawa Centre. Scads!

  4. Ryan says:

    Come on, it’s an honest mistake. I know this will probably get moderated since this is a Liberal Party propaganda message board complete with the “moving forward together” singalong that’s in all the ads at the end of this post. This is pathetic though if this is all you have to criticize Hudak on. Yeah yeah yeah…he’ll kills jobs… the unions don’t want him in because he won’t pander to them. Especially the teachers. I seem to remember Hudak pledging no tax hikes. Am I wrong here? I’m not a card carrying PC member but I and I think a lot of Ontarians realize that Dalton McGuinty has had 2 tries already and failed. He’s made the promises before and not stuck to them. It’s time to give Hudak a chance and I think he’ll do a much better job and be more true to his word then McGuinty has been.

    • Warren says:

      Look everyone, it’s an Unaligned Concern Troll!

      • Ryan says:

        I don’t see how I’m a troll since I just stated an opposing point of view and I didn’t attack anyone. Also I’m not unaligned I’m definitely voting PC I’m just not a member of any party. Surprised my message even got posted though…

  5. Jimmy says:

    For what it’s worth, we’re also on daylight, not standard time.

    Of course, if they wanted to spin that, one could say that people would be tuning in a half hour early.

  6. Mary says:

    Thank you! Pet peeve of mine…

  7. Kyle says:

    Isn’t it on at 6:30 pm eastern daylight time anyways? They are wrong – twice!

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