09.13.2011 04:11 PM

Ouch! Hudak PCs leaking their own leader’s speeches!

Liberals say ‘red’ Tories angry with Hudak and moving to them for Oct. 6 vote
Source: The Canadian Press
Sep 13, 2011 17:02

CHATHAM, Ont. – A week after the Ontario election campaign began with an embarrassing leak of the Liberal platform, the Liberals are turning the tables on the Progressive Conservatives.

Just as PC Leader Tim Hudak was about to hold a campaign event today to attack the government over the eHealth scandal, someone gave all of the party’s background materials to the Liberals.

A copy of the documents obtained by The Canadian Press shows the Liberals were given Hudak’s speech, his talking points, the questions he could expect from the media along with scripted answers, plus so-called ”proof points” to show how the Liberals have wasted money.

The Liberals say the leaked materials could only have come from a top Tory strategist because rank and file party workers would not have access to such important briefing papers.

A Liberal source says many so-called red Tories are unhappy with the direction of Hudak’s campaign and are now reaching out to the Grits.

The Tories laughed off the supposed leak, saying they intentionally distribute their messages widely and wouldn’t be surprised if the Liberals were on their distribution list.

The Liberals say Hudak has been having a rough week after criticizing them for favouring what he calls ”foreign workers” with a tax credit to help professionals educated in other countries land their first job in Canada.




  1. Michael S says:

    With enemies like these who needs friends?

  2. Harith says:

    Ah yes, ehealth, the “billion dollar boondoggle” (I hate that word with all my passion).

    Tories conveniently forget that they set it up and $800 million was frittered away on their watch.

  3. steve says:

    Warren I dont understand why the Liberals do not stand up on the E Health and the so called ECO Tax. Both started on the Harris watch, and in the case of E Health more money was spent by Hudak’s government than McGinty. The amount was around $700 million not a billion, why let the lies stand?

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