09.09.2011 06:39 AM

People of Windsor, take heed

Yet here we are, the Tories’ gaping lead shrunk like the wool sweater I accidentally put in the dryer. No one is predicting the outcome now.

Why? Neither Hudak nor Horwath have been inspiring. Neither have ambitious platforms. People in Toronto who elected conservative Mayor Rob Ford to “stop the gravy train” are finding out that could mean cutting popular services. But I wouldn’t dare judge a volatile electorate yet…

From the University of Windsor medical and engineering schools, to the casino to the Windsor-Essex Parkway, Duncan, Pupatello and the Liberals have delivered here. We received more money than anywhere else to stimulate the economy during the recession.


  1. CQ says:

    That’s right. You’ve been the beneficiary of one of the world’s greatest industrial and cultural cities of throughout the the 20th century – situated immediately next door. You enjoy the southernmost climate of all of Canada, as well as Ontario. And YOU have “received more money than anywhere else”.
    “The Liberals have delivered HERE”.

    • Pat says:

      One of the world’s greatest industrial and cultural cities? Sure, Detroit was great about 35-40 years ago, but that place has been a hole for a long time. Have you ever been there? Half of the buildings in the downtown core stand empty (including the Renaissance Center, which is half empty). Windsor benefited from the auto sector the same way that Detroit did, and it is only through competent government intervention that Windsor did not become a national embarrassment the way Detroit did when the auto sector collapsed.

      • The Doctor says:

        I remember reading an excellent and well-argued article several years ago in which the author convincingly argued that Detroit was “the single biggest failure in urban planning in North America.” It’s a classic example of “white flight” to the suburbs and, as a consequence,
        decimation of an urban tax base, which is a vicious circle for a city.

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