09.24.2011 12:04 PM

“Populist promises and pandering politicians”

Populist promises and pandering politicians
Windsor Star 
Sat Sep 24 2011 
Page: A8 

By Gord Henderson 

I hoped for something different from Conservative leader Tim Hudak, some inspirational picture of where he wants to take this province.

Instead we get chain gangs (not that I have anything against putting inmates to work), a crusade against smart meters and an inflexible insistence that he’ll break a signed contract with one of the world’s most advanced corporations, Samsung, no matter what it costs taxpayers and no matter how damaging it is to the province’s reputation as a place to invest.

His vow to begin dismantling Ontario’s fledgling green energy industry, killing hundreds of new Windsor area jobs in the process, was a deal killer for me. How the hell can I vote for a guy who hasn’t the foresight to see this sector’s potential?

How can Hudak not see what the Chinese – who are eating our lunch in just about every sector – have recognized in becoming the world’s largest wind energy provider in just a few years and with mind-boggling plans for expansion?


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  1. Cath says:

    this is not good for either of us – the NDP dude’s everywhere and scoring big points with an otherwise election wary region of the province.


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