09.27.2011 12:56 PM

Prominent Conservative: Tea Party Tim Hudak “blew it”


  1. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Its obvious…..the average Ontario electorate doesnt speak/understand bumpkin…….

  2. anonymous says:

    The polls are indicating otherwise, particularly in Niagara and Bruce Huron with the PCs clearly in the lead and that would be predebate. The very fact he’s addressed the negligible production capacity of the green wind turbine ‘money down the drain’ means Ontario would have a chance at recovery. Lowell Green at this late stage going politically correct on the ‘foreign workers’ gaffe which is hardly a problem is not persuasive.

    The debate tonight will clear up the confusion the media, including your bent out of shape strategies at slamming corrective initiatives on offer after the McGuinty years of waste, unaccountability, and likely the support will escalate in the critical days before the election. The man is polished, articulate and actually has a viable plan as outlined in Changebook.

    McGuinty tonight will be pulverized as he should be. Horwath will add to the debate, no doubt, but is the clear novice. Your attempt to lay corruption insinuations on this novice at this point is base tactics. Public is smarter than to buy into that ploy.

    Hudak’s already got the right focus by emphasizing apprenticeship programs and obviously, either naturalized Ontarios or credential landed immigrants will have equal access under his future administration.

    Liberals should die hard tonight post debate. How could they not when the eight year record is examined under the microscope?? Reportedly, half of eligible voters plan to watch the debate.

    The idea is to prevent Ontario from sinking into Greek lite status. And time is of the essence with a double dip on the way.

  3. nic coivert says:

    Obvious Con fear tactic, the PMO has been released upon the anonymous, thankfully in two weeks they can crawl back to their holes in Ottawa.

    All McGuinty has to do is bend but not break during the debates.

    He’s proven himself an effective and trustworthy manager, Ontarians want him at the table when the Health Accord is renegotiated.

    Only fools and Health Insurance companies want a Harper stooge running the province.

  4. MikeLondon says:

    Thank you, Lowell Murray, for opening the floodgates. How long will it be until other Conservatives echo his thoughts? Not long, and then watch the campaign unravel. The PC infighting will become the story, and down they go.

  5. MikeLondon says:

    Sorry, Lowell Green.

  6. Cynical says:

    Good catch on Lowell.

    But, I tend to discredit pretty much everything he says. Not sure this subset of his blather should be different.

    Lowell operates in a fact-free zone. It doesn’t bother his audience much, which is not much of a credit to the Ontario educational system.

    I blame it on the New Math.

  7. Rick Thomson says:

    Lowel needs to retire. Talk about smearing a party you support. I listen to his show yesterday and I think he is out of touch about Hudak.

    Anyways “it aint over till the fat lady sings”.

  8. The Doctor says:

    Not exactly the standard resume of a “prominent Conservative”:

    ‘[Green] attempted to win the Liberal party nomination for the Pontiac riding in the 1968 federal election but lost this bid to Thomas Lefebvre.

    On 13 December 1984, Green ran for the Ontario Liberal Party in a provincial by-election in Ottawa Centre. He came third, behind the Ontario New Democratic Party and the Progressive Conservative candidates, with 26.6% of all votes cast. Green blamed this loss on his “sharp” personality and low voter turnout.”

  9. patrickDeberg says:

    Oh My God!!

    The Doctor is saying Lowell Greene is a Liberal???
    THAT TAKES THE CAKE !! Hell has finally frozen over…………………………

  10. Chris says:

    You didn’t believe in Jesus enough I guess Hudak

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