09.06.2011 11:14 AM

Senior Hudak MPP: Ernie Eves is a “pinko re-tread”

That’s a quote.  And he’s “sabotaging” them by pointing out their Tea Party links, too.  Randy Hillier is publishing those words.  Amazing.

Tim Hudak’s team is calling Ernie Eves a “pinko!”

The Ontario PCs are blowing apart, folks, and the election campaign hasn’t even officially started yet.


H/T: BCL, natch.


  1. Michael S says:

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Ted says:

    Love it.

    Especially love Jeff Goodall’s “head-in-the-sand” commentary, like saying commentary about a split in the Progressive Conservatives is just “more anti-Conservative sensationalism than any accurate reflection of reality” BUT then going on and calling the prior leader, lifelong Progressive Conservative, Premier of Ontario, early supporter of Mike Harris’ leadership bid, part architect and chief builder of the “Common Sense Revolution” a “destructive Pinko re-tread” out to “once-again trash any hope of the Conservatives” and who was never “a genuine member of the party” and is just a “leftist imposters like Orchard are doing the Devil’s work”.

    Gotta love that “unity” you’re talking about Mr. Goodall.

    The sickening and frightening thing about the extreme ideologues – of any pursasion but here the conservative right wing – is that for them there are only two types of people: you are either 120% in support of everything they say and do, or you are a complete enemy of the “cause” and must be trampled.

    It’s not a longterm winning strategy. It’s never a longterm winning strategy. Not in a democracy at any rate and limits on authoritarian power.

  3. Michael S says:

    Oh, check out some of Mr. Goodall’s other thoughts, http://www.jeff-goodall.com/?p=5968 and http://www.jeff-goodall.com/?p=5934. Does Randy agree with these views?

  4. Dave says:

    Shades of “reptilian kitten-eaters”.

  5. W.B. says:

    Eves was Harris’ Treasurer (Finance Minister) AND a close friend and confidant of the sainted Bill Davis. What planet is Hillier on?
    Hell Eves probably goes back to Robarts maybe even Leslie Frost, and is a Mike Harris loyalist in the modern era..

  6. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Liberal says:

    Personally, I hope Mr. McGuinty kicks all of your sorry tea-bagging asses……..you, Mr. Hillier, are not what PROGRESSIVE Conservatives are all about……..one can only hope this fuels internecine warfare

    and helps send these tea gurgling neandertals back to the cave from whence they came…..

    No prisoners, Mr. Kinsella.

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