09.11.2011 10:04 PM

Tax Dodger Man™ Update

HAMILTON – Liberals ridiculed Tory MPP Randy Hillier’s claim he “misread” disclosure forms, omitting an unpaid tax bill the federal government is trying to collect from him.

The Grits even produced a video on Sunday modelled after the Progressive Conservatives’ Tax Man spot targeting Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty — instead calling Hillier the Tax Dodging Man.

“Pay your taxes, Randy. The rest of us do,” the spot said.

And the party put out a press release playing off the yes or no disclosure question on whether he or his wife owed any back taxes that Hillier said tripped him up.

“Is Tim Hudak A Leader? Yes ( ) No (x)” the release said, slamming the PC leader for not publicly chastising the usually outspoken Hillier.

The Canada Revenue Agency put two liens worth about $15,000 on Hillier’s home in July 2010, a fact Hillier did not mention on his MPP disclosure filed less than two months later. Both his party and his leader were also in the dark about the tax issue.

Hillier did not respond to a request for comment Sunday.

“I don’t understand why he refuses to take a stand on what his candidate has claimed,” Liberal MPP Linda Jeffrey said of Hudak.



  1. MCBellecourt says:


    The hypocrisy of the right wing element on this whole continent is limitless. We pay taxes or else, but they give lame excuses when they’re caught. “confusing tax forms” and all. This is as good as when they get caught taking Ol’ One-Eye to the optometrist unbeknownst to their wives while preaching ‘family values”.

    Why do people vote for these idiots?

    Keep on fightin’ the good fight WK!

  2. Patrick Deberg says:

    Randy needs every dollar he can steal to help Blackjack McClaren fight for his culture………………

  3. Cam Prymak says:

    There’s one kind of Landowner sign for the majority of their members,

    “This Land is our Land”

    and then there’s one for the Hilliers,

    “This Land is the Wife’s”

  4. Michael S says:

    “This land is my land,
    back off of my land,
    if you’re the CRA then,
    it is my wife’s land,
    from misleading disclosures,
    to xenophobic outbursts,
    Randy isn’t Ontario’s cup of tea.”

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