09.01.2011 04:55 PM

“Tim Hudak is going to have to fight this campaign without the support of many of his predecessors.”


  1. Cam Prymak says:

    Not lookin’ good for the rascal.

  2. Sean says:

    can this guy produce ANY former P.C. leader who is supporting him?!

  3. Michael S says:

    Let me give you a hint: Never fuck with Bill Davis.

  4. Savant says:

    Ahh, but isn’t this a double-edged sword? The common refrain on the left is to link Hudak with Harris and Eves as a means to denigrate Hudak, but how can you do that when Hudak is on the ‘outs’ with those folks? You can’t have it both ways.

    • Cam Prymak says:

      I think the issue here is that the PC party’s ability to run a campaign will be much different without the support of 3 former premiers and the many folks that agree with their vision for their party.

    • Ted says:

      There are policies and there are character traits.

      Hudak shares the conservative, non-progressive policy ambitions of the Harris/Eves governments of which Hudak was part architect. This is something that should concern Ontarians.

      But even with that shared policy history, the guy can’t get the personal support of these like-minded leaders because they don’t see him as loyal or as a leader. This is something that should concern Ontarians.

      Not having it both ways. Just identifying two separate but related problems for Hudak.

    • TofKW says:

      Savant, nice try but this is not a case of having it both ways, this is in fact even worse for Tim Hudak.

      Mr Kinsella’s previous messaging was simply linking Tim Hudak with Mike Harris and Ernie Eves, and the idea being planted with independent voters is that Mr Hudak will return Ontario to the more right-wing inspired ideological days of the common sense revolution.

      But here’s the thing, some people didn’t mind the common sense revolution, especially since it was initially all about cleaning up all the crap left over by the NDP. And Tim Hudak’s message certain is that maybe a swing to the right isn’t a bad idea considering all the money wasted by Queens Park under McGuinty.

      Well now with all the previous PC leaders dissing Tim Hudak, this puts things in a whole new light. Not only moderates like Bill Davis and John Tory, but definite right-of-centre Mike Harris and Ernie Eves say Hudak has imported extreme right-wing elements from the USA into the Ontario Conservatives.

      The conclusion to Ontario voters is that Tim Hudak is further to the right than Mike Harris, in fact maybe even as far-right as the teabagger kooks themselves. And therefore Mr Kinsella’s message has changed as well, and it is now “Hudak has brought the tea-party to the PCs, and even Ernie Eves and Mike Harris don’t support him”.

      And that Savant, is a very damaging message.

      • Ted says:

        In other words: if he’s too far to the extreme right for the likes of his mentor, Mike Harris, then he’s way way too far to the extreme right for Ontarians.

  5. Rick Thomson says:

    Nice music.

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