09.27.2011 07:45 PM

Tim Hudak, liar

He said in the debate, and after the debate, that he didn’t call hard-working, tax-paying citizens “foreign.”

He’s a liar.  (And I dare him to sue.)


  1. Michael S says:

    Nice. The only bloodlust of the debate and it was McGuinty throwing the blows. Now it’s down to GOTV.

  2. Chris says:

    Families are off-limits unless they are being used as convenient political props.

    I can just see his debate preppers: “You don’t need to cry when you mention your daughter, but choking up a bit would be a nice touch”

    • sharonapple88 says:

      When Hudka mentioned his wife (daughter?) staying at Women’s College Hospital, all I could think of was the controversial decision back in 1998 to “merged” it with Sunnybrook. Happened during the Mike Harris years. It was in 2006, under the Liberals, when the hospital regained its independence. Hudak, I suppose this is one thing you should thank the Liberals for. 😉

  3. Roger says:

    Warren…you truly are a scumbag……democracy is worse because of you….watch your mailbox for papers from MY attorney, douche…:)

  4. Jon Powers says:

    That may be true, Warren. But are you honestly going to suggest that Dalton McGuinty hasn’t lied to Ontario voters? Promised to give funding to families of autistic children and didn’t (shameful). Promised not to raise taxes. Did. A few times. Don’t think you want to go that path. Your guy doesn’t come out smelling like roses either. Oh, and tell Dalton to stop waving his arms so damn much. It frightens me. I heard someone ask if that’s how he plans to generate all that wind power.
    Is it?

  5. dillon says:

    Did McGuinty lie when he said he cancelled the Mississauga generating station because there were 2 new condominiums nearby? Yes because they existed when the building permit was issued.

    • sharonapple88 says:

      The project was orignally planned for 2005.


      The One Sheray condos were built in 2008.

      • dillon says:

        The condos were approved in 2006. The omb approval for the generating station was 2009. This was simply a flip flop by a man with no backbone who felt the political heat. Note that he hasn’t cancelled it yet. He PROMISES to do so if elected. Unfortunately the contracts have been let by Ontario Power which is an independant Corporation over which he has no right to interfere.

  6. Harith says:

    PC candidates have approached me and after their opening spiel I look them in the eye and say “I’m a foreign worker.”

    The looks on their faces are priceless every single time. Especially on McKenna, who is running in my town.

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