09.12.2011 01:09 PM

We call citizens “citizens.” Hudak calls citizens “foreigners.”

Citizens, which Ontario do you favour?


  1. sharonapple88 says:

    The Ontario PC refused to apologize for the “foreign workers” bit, but according to reports they’ve dropped the phrase from their radio commercials. Now they’re talking about affirmative action. 😛 They’re like the Energizer Bunny, they refuse to quit.

  2. steve says:

    Ivinson in the Nat Post all but endorsed Dalton today.

    • Ted says:

      As the video points out, they should not be excused for those first several days either since McGuinty has been perfectly clear from the beginning.

      • RDS says:

        The thing is, the racist undertone of the PC response is not an accident. Either the people calling the shots are racists (not likely, unless certain hillbilly MPPs have even more influence than any Liberal could fear/hope) or they are cynical enough to believe that pulling the racist vote will help their cause.


        (1) The PCs already own the racist vote;
        (2) Most of the racists are in ridings the PCs are going to win by a zillion votes; and
        (3) This isn’t the American South and it isn’t 1950. There just aren’t enough racists here to win an election on.

        …knock on wood!

        • RDS says:

          P.S. The whole “Hudak calls citizens foreigners” angle is exactly what is needed here. Concise and pointed. Do this, over and over and over again. I would love to hear a question at the debate like, “Mr. Hudak, why do you call Canadian citizens ‘foreigners’?”

  3. sharonapple88 says:

    As much as Hudak claims to want jobs for Ontarians, he’s using a call centre in New Brunswick.


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