09.28.2011 08:03 AM

What Went Wrong Song – download it now! Dance!


  1. anonymous says:

    There’s a thought. Weekend dance halls are sorely needed in Ontario, particularly for the youth AFTER formal dance lessons of course. And after a meaningful wage work week has been completed.

    The Solyndra solar panel bankrupted business in California wasn’t brought up in that debate. McGuinty is of course aware of that unfortunate result. ‘No tickey, no laundry’ comes to mind. The alleged 16,000 jobs he referred to might as well convert now to ‘umbrella makers’ after retraining of course.

    Hudak citing their output at a quarter of one percent shouldn’t impress any voter whatsoever. McGuinty liberals are winging it with again empty gestures and promises, only rolled out at election time.

    He won’t have the 5,000 laid off public employees’ votes, nor apparently the other half to get the ax. Presumably anyway.

  2. anonymous says:


    PS. Captcha ‘WH4T’ agrees!

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