10.03.2011 11:21 AM

“Ashamed to be a Conservative”

That’s what one PC is saying on Twitter, after seeing Hudak’s error-filled, disgusting anti-gay leaflet:

I have heard from other Conservatives who do not want to go public – yet. If you feel as Ms. Kent does, please speak out. Or, if you like, contact me confidentially at wkinsella@hotmail.com.

My reference to the “face ad,” below, was deliberate. In 1993, what mattered wasn’t so much what we Liberals had to say about that despicable anti-Chretien ad. What mattered is what partisan Conservatives said – people like Sinclair Stevens, who courageously called me to say that his party had gone too far, and that he wanted to speak out.

Speak out. On Twitter, on Facebook, wherever. This is one of those moments in election campaigns where people are measured by what they did do – and what they didn’t.


  1. MCBellecourt says:

    This is refreshing to see. I do hope to see more *Progressive* Conservatives speaking out. No sensible person would accept the (for lack of a better word) extremism that the Hudak Cons can’t seem to contain. The Tea Party Tim moniker was well-earned, I’d say.

    I hope to see it on the national level, too. There’s some pretty extreme stuff on the table in the HOC as we speak, and, if one were to go by the news threads, some center-rights are beginning to question the “wisdom” of the Harper Government ™. I’ve noticed many of the usual suspects on certain threads slamming the pot laws contained in the omnibus crime bill.

    Side question, Mr. K.–what do you think about the latest from Alberta? Personally, I was gobsmacked by the result of that vote!

  2. Michael S says:

    Wow. She was plumping for them big time before this.

  3. Susan says:

    Maybe this will be the defining issue of the last week of the campaign that will propel the Liberals into majority territory. Hopefully, voters pay close attention…IF we want a civil society.

  4. Michael S says:

    Warren, the LPO should REALLY consider a heavy buy during tomorrow night’s episode of GLEE. Huge female demographic. Just sayin’.

  5. steve says:

    I have read this has been in the curriculum since 1998. So Tim you got some splaining to do. A desperate attempt to change the channel ends with the TV on your foot.

  6. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    My handle says it all…..as an out and proud gay man, I held my nose with the Federal Cons as long as I could…..til I could hold it no more…..sad that the teabagger faction in the Ontario PC’s are driving the moderates out as well….

  7. Max Valiquette says:

    I appreciate this post: this flyer is just the worst. I’m just wondering: if this is such an affront, and worth asking people to stand up and take their party to task over, isn’t it worth standing up to the paper you have a regular column in, Mr. Kinsella, for choosing to run a full-page ad that said the exact same thing? Because the Sun did, and so far you haven’t spoken out against them. I’d like to see that in your next column.

  8. Phil in London says:

    I voted for Chretien in that face campaign, I also called in mock outrage as a conservative supporter who was moving my vote. My whole office did. It was the last time I ever voted Liberal and I had never voted for any other party before – I’m just saying anyone can say they are a former Party supporter. Absent a membership card, (even with) people do a lot of things anonymously in an election. I doubt this sticks, because it’s McGuinty who has already backtracked on cirriculum.

  9. Tracey says:

    Hi, I can verify I was former Executive Director, Secretary and CFO for Vaughan Conservative EDA. I left the EDA when Minister Fantino gave $10mil to a private hospital board run by his campaign chair and members of his campaign team. I received a lot of flack for this by fellow Conservatives.

    I was a member of the PC EDA in Vaughan. Unfortunately this EDA was non functioning and hadn’t had a meeting in 2yrs prior to this election. Their acclamation of former Liberal Tony Genco was the final straw for me.

    Stand by principles is honorable..maligning people, corruption is not.

  10. Tyrone says:

    Good for you, Tracey – you cannot defend the indefensible; you were wise to leave when you did, and should be commended for calling out your former Party for their intolerant garbage. Keep up the good fight, Tracey (I’d say Warren too, but he hardly needs any encouragement!).

  11. G Powell says:

    More of the same drivel from Kinsella. He claims anyone who opposes this is a homophobe. The translation of homophobe is a hater of homo-sesuals. So by Kinsellas logic anyone who opposes their children being socially engineered by the Liberal agenda ia a hater.. Stick to educating my children about reading, writing, english, math, history geography etc, and leave your social expierments out of the classroom.
    As well Mr Kinsella, you are a two-faced hypocrite. You call this dirty politics, unlike you giving directives to every public union in Ontario to buy advertising (with union member dollars might I add), to slander and discredit Tim Hudak and the Conservatives at every turn.
    With all due respect sir, those who live in glass houses….

  12. Roger says:

    very mature response

  13. G Powell says:

    no sir, you are the idiot, as well as a two faced liar and a shill for the Liberal propoganda machine. I would have expected a more intelligent response than just name calling but I guess anyone who disagrees with your agenda is to be dismissed

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