10.24.2011 09:44 PM

Bring the Noise!

This morning, on the way to school/work, my daughter and I listened to Anthrax and Public Enemy do their legendary take on ‘Bring the Noise’ – and, tonight, Marty and I put together the final track for the new SFH album, which is a bizarro mix of punk, reggae and hip hop that will change music history.

Thus inspired, here is ‘Bring the Noise.’ ¬†What God-like genius is this?


  1. Raymond says:

    Did you treat it like soap on a rope ‘cuz the beats & the lines were so dope?

  2. Woody says:

    The whole It Takes a Nation of Millions … album is genius still, after all these years. My favorite is Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos. Chuck D gives some great interviews too, like on CBC Q http://bit.ly/rVfiHx and on the IFC Henry Rollins Show http://bit.ly/tV9DVW

  3. Bil Huk says:

    i remember when this came out. I was thinking to myself “can they do that? Are they allowed to take rap and real metal and put them together? Isn’t that too much awesomeness for us to handle?”

    It wasn’t too much.

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