10.05.2011 10:15 PM

Canada Live, Oct. 5: why I think McGuinty is going to win tomorrow

Krista admonishes me with her pen. I am suitably admonished.


  1. Sean says:

    when this is over, I hope there are victorious “McGuinty Liberals” on all the “Hot Shot panels” and less “Ignatieff / Dion / Martin Liberals”.

  2. Craig says:

    We could use a full public exposition of the nature of the split between the “Ignatieff / Dion / Martin Liberals” and others. I do not understand the nature of the conflict and its obviously very deleterious to the central project of expunging the Harper phalange from power. Is this simply a matter of style, patricians versus plebes, corporate interests versus the great unwashed? Perhaps someone would care to comment candidly.

  3. Middleclassfamily says:

    And I thought Nick Kouvalis was supposed to get the second coming of Christ and deliver the entire GTA for Timmy Hudak? Guess he really was a fluke huh.

  4. Trent says:

    Your the first person I’ve heard mention Jack Layton’s cult of personality, which is exactly what he had. The other thing no one has mentioned about Jack Layton is that despite being the most popular and successful leader of the CCF/NDP ever, he never managed to get an MP elected in Saskatchewan. Even Hazen Argue got a few elected here in Saskatchewan. Tells you how things have changed in Saskatchewan.

  5. Joe the Guy says:

    Was that before or after she grew horns and belched bile?

  6. I'm a Loser Baby says:

    You won, fair and square. But now what?

    This province owes $200 Billion. By the time your 4 years are up it will be $300 Billion. If interests rates rise dramatically during those four years, as they could, you will reach a technical default, requiring the Feds to bail you out.

    You’ve hired too many public servants, let the Unions drive their salaries and pensions so high that millions of poor Ontarians have to get up at the crack of dawn, take the bus to their minimum wage jobs in the private sector, and leave their kids alone all day to fend for themselves, just to pay the taxes & fees you have imposed on them to pay $100,000 Cops and Coffee swilling Bureaucrats that sit around and plan there next union conquest.

    Your green energy act won’t work. It is fatally flawed economics, and you must deep in your soul know that it will drive up the cost of living for poor Ontarians, while lining the pockets of your friends.

    You won… the Unions won… The private sector working people lost.

    • Attack! says:

      Yes, Beck, you’re a loser when it comes to analyzing what’s going on. The low wages you’re referring to aren’t the unions’ fault. In fact, they’d be a great deal lower if it weren’t for the unions. And if the gov’t privatized everything it could & wages in the corresponding occupations in the formerly public sectors went down, those wages wouldn’t go up, and there wouldn’t be more jobs — there’d be fewer, because wages would be depressed in the race to the bottom, there’d be less discretionary income & purchasing power, and lots of job losses.

      And do you really think gov’t spending would go down? Hah! They’d still keep spending more, only now it would be the consulting & non-union employment agencies springing up to fill the void that would be skimming the profits from the govt contracts off the top, instead of it going into the workers’ pensions that’d save the health care system later on.

      • The Doctor says:

        Attack!, unions have absolutely nothing to do with setting minimum wages for non-unioon workers. Those are set out in provincial employment standards legislation, which has absolutely SFA to do with unions.

        Unions have their uses, and in many cases have accomplished good in our society, but you shouldn’t overreach and overstate their influence.

        • Attack! says:

          I never said the unions set the levels. I meant that w/o the labour movement and unions, there probably wouldn’t BE any set minimum wages, at all. And that the better compensation packages that unions negotiate tends to raise the levels for similar non-union workers, as well.

          But thanks for attributing a dumb position to me: sure reflects well on you when you set up & attack such an obvious straw man.

        • Attack! says:

          p.s., it’s also nonsense to say that unions have _nothing_ to do with setting the levels: they DO continue to influence it in each province in several ways: by lobbying the gov’t to enure min. wages keep up with inflation; by funding anti-poverty groups and Social Planning Councils research & lobbying efforts; by supporting the more progressive parties or candidates in elections with this & social assistance rates as some of the main quid pro issues, among other things.

  7. The Doctor says:

    Hey Warren, Krista’s lookin’ good these days. If you need me to fill in for you sometime, let me know 🙂

  8. Joe the Guy says:

    …and that Rocco Rossi guy? Hudak’s star candidate? Pffft.

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