10.01.2011 12:11 PM

Hudak (and Harper) are bad for your health

Who do you want negotiating Ontario’s health care with Stephen Harper?



  1. Pete says:

    Ask Flaherty if he endorses that message

    I note the Star has today endorsed our guy!!! Hope that helps him get over the top to a majority.

  2. Kev says:

    Bad voiceover work. Does anyone *IN* politics know? How *TO* put the emphasis on words in *A* sentence?

  3. well says:

    Dalton Macguinty next PM for Canada

  4. Phil in London says:

    Yup Dalt can just follow through with his present plan, now that they have found the hole, just keep peeing down it!

    The clown has done NOTHING for healt care but lie to steal more of our money for his health premium while continuing to bloat the buracracy while the front line care crumbles.

    Oh yeah did I mention cutting chriopractic and eye exams among other services while kissing up to union demands for everything but accountability.

    Having this guy continue to run the province is like hiring Clifford Olson to look after your kids. Hopefully come Thursday two rat bastards are dead. I don’t know how you libs live with yourself selling such divisive and outright false crap to us. Ontario will sooner or later catch up to Canada and send you guys to the penalty box.

    • Pat says:

      Does Hudak have a plan for health care? I mean, besides saying that he is going to spend MORE on it… but not telling us exactly where that money is going to come from (cutting LHINs wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to produce the savings that Hudak is talking about)… what is it with conservatives having no idea how finance works? First, Toronto buys into a guy looking for gravy (when it appears as though there isn’t that much to cut), and now Ontarians are expected to vote for another guy who will find undisclosed “efficiencies”.

      I don’t get it why politicians think it makes so much sense to just get rid of things they don’t like, rather than tweek them. I mean, there was no reason to scrap the long form census, the Harper Tories could have just changed the rules that state that someone can go to jail. The LHINs themselves are actually pretty good ideas, but they could probably benefit from locally elected representatives – why doesn’t Hudak just say that he will change the LHINs to make the more efficient? Removing them will cause enough trauma to screw up the health care system in Ontario for a good 3-4 years anyway – why not skip the trauma?

      • Windsurfer says:

        Hey Pat, didn’t Rob Ford et al. trademark “gravy train?”


        Well, then what’s stopping the Libs from using it in the dying days of this campaign?

        Double-edged sword, agreed.

        Lib ad: “Tim Hudak will stop the gravy train. Oh, but wait…. [fill in tag line]……”

        Go for it. It’s yours.

      • Phil in London says:

        Because when things DON’T work and only suck money out of people’s pockets it’s time to go KABOOM.

        You guys forget that Healthcare was to protect average families from catastrophe back when breaking an arm was a serious health issue. The system was never meant to fund $1million salaries to administrators and bribe’s for friends of politicians. There has been talk for years that the system is not sustainable and as I said earlier all McGoo wants to do is pour more money down the hole.

  5. Cliff says:

    Do you really think it’s a wise strategy to be running against Stephen Harper, the guy who just won three-quarters of the seats in Ontario?

  6. Malcolm Barry says:

    Harper has made it known he wants no Liberal Governments in Canada and it will be a slap in the face/rejection of Harper if the Liberals win.

  7. Cam Prymak says:

    Looks like it is now for the new PC leader in Alberta.

  8. Justin says:

    As opposed to endless tax cuts that do not create any jobs?

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