10.11.2011 01:31 AM

In today’s Sun: racist is as racist does

Is it racist to be critical of a liberalized immigration and refugee policy?

No, it’s not. People of good faith can disapprove of policies which are aimed at boosting the numbers of immigrants and refugees.

In fact, it’s well known among political veterans that one of the demographics often most hostile to increased numbers of immigrants is immigrants themselves. As one seasoned campaign pro — a Liberal — once said to me: “Lots of immigrants get here, and then they want to slam the door behind them on other immigrants.

Bit of a surprise, isn’t it?”


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    Philip says:

    Always interesting to read the comments on Warren’s columns in the Sun. It’s a lot like cleaning out your sink’s grease trap, you know there is going to be filth and garbage, but you may still be surprised by the sheer amount.

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      Chris says:

      Just do what I have started to do – reply! It’s good fun.

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        Philip says:

        The hat is off to you sir! I might try that one day using my iComplain app, which produces an impenetrable fog bank of AI generated spleen venting. 10 seconds effort, a little copy and paste and sit back and watch some heads explode.

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    pomo says:

    I just checked it out on your recommendations. I feel traumatized now, thanks. Can’t bring myself to reply, so thanks for taking a few for the team, Chris. When that freakshow is moderated, I’ll give it a shot. 😉

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    Woody says:

    I waded into the filth that is the Sun’s comment section today. Quite sad to know that some of those people vote and may even influence others in their lives. What was funny though was all the conbots crying about Sunny columnists (i.e. not Warren) not publishing damning articles about the deficit and Caledonia before election day. They chose instead to publish these after people had gone to the polls. I think the point is largely missed on them that if the Sun was ready to endose Mr. Hudak, these columns might have happened sooner. Maybe it’s just me and my tinfoil hat, and maybe I don’t understand how those decisions are madein the news biz but I think Warren made the point that it’s not so much when your enemies don’t support you but moreso when they don’t their own.

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    WildGuesser says:

    Most immigrants I know would be happy to just have decent visitor VISA rules. Having your parents come to visit for 3 mo. or 6 mo. is a nightmare of paperwork, health exams, etc., etc., even if you are a multi-millionaire providing full health insurance for the visitors. I swear I am just going to sell my company to some hillbilly Albertan with oil money and move back to Shanghai. Year after year the wife gets more concerned that she’ll never see her parents again because Canadian beaurocracy keeps insisting on treating China like garbage. LPC and CPC are all the same in this regard.

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