10.04.2011 04:33 PM

New Ipsos (updated)

What’s it mean?  At the risk of repeating myself, if you’re an Ontario Liberal, it means:

Now stop reading this web site!  Get out and work!

UPDATE: Ditto this. Get to work, Grits! Never stop! Campaign like we are way, way behind!



  1. Michael S says:

    That’s, what, a 30 point swing?

  2. pomojen says:

    Really? 30 points?

    Just out of curiosity, any trivia types know what the biggest Canadian political point-swing has been? Is this a contender?

    • Ted says:

      Turner was leading Mulroney at the beginning of the election by quite a bit. Campbell was leading Chretien. Don’t have numbers unfortunately.

  3. Michael S says:

    Oh, and go play with the H&K election predictor. If the thin crowds at Timmy’s events are any indication they may have an issue with GOTV, and they may be bleeding votes to the NDP. If so, this is not outside the realm of possibility: http://predictor.hillandknowlton.ca/#/ontario+2011/split/r:35,4:0.38,6:0.28,3:0.3,2:0.03,1:0.01

  4. MikeLondon says:

    Once it’s all over, I’m curious to see if that outrageous pamplet was the final nail in the coffin for the PC campaign.

  5. David_M says:

    The Hudak PC’s have truely and royally dicked themselves this campaign.
    One month ago I would never have believed that the consevatives wouldn’t be able to make a race out this election.
    I guess there’s no telling what people will do with loaded weapons pointed at thier own feet and mouths will do.

    Not to take anything away from Mr. Kinsella’s awesome War Room management but it does seems mostly self inflicted.

  6. The Doctor says:

    After reading John Ibbitson’s evisceration of the NDP platform in the Globe & Mail today, the best news from this poll IMO is . . . no minority government with the NDP holding balance of power.

  7. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Waiting for Conservative trolls, sorry commenters, to show up questioning the integrity of Ipsos Reid…

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