10.10.2011 07:04 AM

Stay! Stay!

I – and I suspect many, many Ontario Liberals – agree with my friend Tim Powers. Stay, Tim Hudak, stay!


  1. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    “Oh wont you staaaaay, just a little while longer…..please, please, please…..say you will!”……w/apologies to Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs…..

    …One can only hope…..

  2. Lipman says:

    In the meantime, Tim can listen to his favorite band, Foreigner, and check out the playlist from their 1977 hit record. The tracks could have been the soundtrack for embattled PC campaign. A sampling:

    1.”Feels Like the First Time” – 3:49
    2.”Cold as Ice” (Jones, Gramm) – 3:19
    4.”Headknocker” (Gramm, Jones) – 2:58
    5.”The Damage Is Done” (Jones, Gramm) – 4:15
    6.”Long, Long Way from Home” (Jones, Gramm, McDonald) – 2:53
    8.”At War with the World” – 4:18
    11.”Feels Like the First Time”* (demo version) – 3:40
    13.”At War with the World”* (demo version) – 5:00
    14.”Take Me to Your Leader”* (demo version) – 3:40

  3. I will assume that the Ontario NDP leader, Andrea Horwath, will remain in her position. Her level of support was based on her party’s platform/promises and her delivery in explaining it. Dalton McGuinty had a similar campaign. He may resign if he feels that he’s had enough of being premier. That will likely be his choice.

    Tim Hudak has a problem that will affect his party’s performance should he remain as leader in the next election. He has a problem with his character. He called new Canadians “foreigners.” He accepted intolerance against the LGBT community with Conservative pamphlets being delivered to households in a couple of Toronto area ridings. How will Mr. Hudak be able to get new Canadians and gay voters to accept him if he is not able to demonstrate an acceptance to those groups of voters? Parties can change policies very quickly. They have a much more difficult time changing their character.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      I don’t think that ‘hat trick’ video helped WhoDat all that much, either. It is largely because of our esteemed host that it was kept out of the shadows and seen by many, many folks. While some contributors to these threads are still reluctant to wake up and smell the coffee, people are waking up to the absolute train wreck the Ford Bros.’s governance really is, and the other train wreck that is the Harper Government ™.

      I think Cons on all levels of government have a problem with ‘character’. Corruption is rife federally, and ineptitude is rampant in the Ford Bros. train wreck. This and other factors doesn’t do much for the perception of the character of their supporters, either.

      The greedy bastards just can’t help themselves.

  4. W.B. says:

    Advice for the next one Warren. I am a progressive left voter, who has alway voted Dalton till this time. I voted Horwath just to slap Dalton even though i know Horwath’s policy wouldn’t be much different.
    The issue? I hate windmills. I love the views across the Ontario countryside, and up and down our coastlines. I want those windmills only in the most remote areas, out of the line of site. Even if he vowed to get rid of them I couldn’t vote Hudak, but the issue is important enough to waste my vote if I have to.
    The pundits are saying windmills cost you the majority. Does this mean a policy change will occur? I guess everybody has a deal breaker. I am surprised the Libs didn’t know this was one for a lot of people.
    Personally I prefer Nukes, a deal breaker for many others.
    I know Dalton had to make tough choices in the past few years and make trade offs. But when I saw the line of windmills along Lake Erie recently I just gasped. That was it.

    • Warren says:

      I’m from Alberta, and I guess I’m used to seeing oil pumps all over the place.

      I prefer wind turbines to oil pumps.

      • nic coivert says:

        The wind turbines are sleek, beautiful and clean looking. There is a problem with high frequency noise affecting some people however so they need to be kept largely away from residences. It is clean renewable energy though, and the time to build them is now, if we wait any longer it will be too expensive to build them. It takes a lot of petroleum to build a wind turbine you know, in fact, you can’t build one without. Same goes for solar.

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