10.27.2011 07:23 AM

The Rob Ford Mistake

The CBC comedy troupe made a mistake by ambushing Rob Ford at his home.

Toronto voters made a mistake by electing this idiot as mayor.

(…then again, his mere existence helped elect a lot of Ontario Liberals in urban centres, so he’s not all bad.)


  1. And I might add your colleague at the Sun Joe Wamington made a mistake by Bashing the CBC and Ms Walsh and defending Rob Fords actions before he researched all of the facts.
    Franky Becoming quite typical in the Sun Group of News Papers aka the CPC propaganda machine!

  2. pomojen says:

    Likewise, perhaps the 22 minutes decision has helped underscore and make more explicit the mistake of Toronto voters. So they don’t make the same mistake again,

  3. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    I can see this kind of fellow playing well in Alberta or the hinterlands of BC…..but Toronto?…..from the tiny perfect mayor to this jerk?……..how the mighty have fallen……

  4. Wannabeapiper says:

    Imagine though, the level of priority he would have recieved from 911-” help me there is a woman on my drive way dressed up like a warrior, holding a microphone with a camera guy oh and by the way I am the @#$%^* mayor!”.

    He’s lucky the police attended. They could have said, call us back in 15 minutes if they are still there. They could have dispatched an ambulance with a straight jacket.

    The people ( voters ) are getting exactly what they deserve. The people had spoken and there is no impeachment process that I know of, to remove a mayor. The people are never wrong, right?

  5. The Other Jim says:

    But, Warren, he’s Rob F’n Ford!

  6. CQ says:

    One year on: then who else – as mayor? Rossi, Smitherman, or Thomson?

  7. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Where be the board “Ford Nation” members/supporters on this?………………………………..*crickets*……………………….

  8. Outsider says:

    Yeesh …. this is turning out to be one king-hell mess for this oafish clown. If – and, man it seems to be a huge if – his daughter was there, then Walsh should have held off … which she herself says she would have, had she seen her. She doesn’t say the girl was or wasn’t there; only that she didn’t see her. Not exactly out of the question, considering the mayor’s … er … sheer presence, but the video evidence would suggest otherwise. And is it so hard to believe the mayor would – yet again – consider the truth a rather malleable property that can be sculpted to fit his purpose? Lord knows he’s done it enough before. And check out the statement he issued this afternoon, wherein he specifically says he was “attacked” in his driveway. Delusion, thy name is Fobford ….

  9. I voted for Rob and considering the choices, I stand by my decision. I never expected perfection but this incident was too much. Rob Ford claimed This Hour Has 22 Minutes crossed a line? Please. The only person who crossed any lines was Mr. Ford when he became verbally abusive towards the emergency dispatchers … in fact, I’d argue that this is a serious misuse of 911 to begin with.

    I don’t believe that we should be so harsh everytime a politician makes a mistake, we are all human, and we all say things we regret … however, Mr. Ford should enjoy these next years as Mayor because they will be his last. There is no excuse for this behaviour. The only thing at risk from Margaret was his ego. That is not grounds to call 911, a service reserved for actual “emergencies.” For shame.

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