10.05.2011 06:54 AM

The toughest interview you’ll hear this year

CBC MetroMorning host Matt Galloway takes on Tim Hudak about the latter’s homophobic, desperate pamphlet.

It’s pretty extraordinary.  One of the most brutal journalistic poundings of the year.  You can listen to it here.




  1. Susan says:

    I heard it and it confirmed yet again he has nothing to say because he does not have a plan.

  2. Andrew Gregg says:

    That was one of the weirdest, most disconnected political disasters I’ve ever heard. Galloway did a good job, but Hudak sounds like he’s short circuiting. He was being told, politely, that he was lying and yet he kept on lying. Bizarre.

  3. walt says:

    Double-Down Tim strikes again.

    Hint: when in a hole…

    (and congrats to Galloway for not totally losing it on the guy, I would have been screaming “Have you not heard a fucking thing I just said, moron?”)

  4. James says:

    Yes Warren, the interviewer was cool-headed and resolute. But I highly recommend to anyone interested in a truly emphatic journalistic pounding, to take a look at almost any interview on BBC radio 4’s morning program (http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/today). The (alternating) hosts take on the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leaders, Ministers, and business leaders, and routinely reduce them to stammering, grasping, novices in the throes of mental gridlock.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  5. Kyle says:

    “You’re claiming something which is demonstrably false. Do you still stand by the claim, Mr. Hudak?”
    “Yes I do, Matt…”

    Then you’re not fit to hold any kind of public office, let alone become Premier! “Yes, we’re lying but…”

  6. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    War on the car?…….if TO has gridlock(and I have to admit, I havent visited TO in many years) I would think that the answer to gridlock is not to build more highways and bridges(especially when there is no more room for highways), but to build other means of mass transit in order to get people out of their cars…..

    TeabagTim is leading a party of dinosaurs who simply cant get themselves out of the 1950’s mindset….

  7. dave says:

    Not following yr election too closely, we have lots to keep us busy in Alberta and BC.

    But it does sound as if Hudak made a mistake, – saying the things a guy says after he has been elected and has all the power he needs to create his own reality, rather than saying what he has to before he has been elected.

  8. Jon Powers says:

    It is a good pounding, I’ll admit. That being said, I’d love to see a journalist actually ask Mr. McGuinty some tough questions about Caledonia. This is a huge issue that has been oddly ignored during this election.

    • steve says:

      Essentially Caledonia is a Federal file, blame Harper.

      • Jon Powers says:

        No it isn’t. It may be true that the land claim itself is a Federal file, but that is a different matter entirely. The enforcement of law and order is entirely the responsibility of the Province – it was the Province of Ontario which was forced to pay out over 20 million dollars to the residents of the town. As premier of the province, Mr. McGuinty owes us an explanation.

      • Jan says:

        And Fantino.

  9. lukev says:

    In regard to gridlock.

    Why hasn’t Hudak been grilled on voting to cancel the Eglinton subway in 1995? Why isn’t he asked if he will cancel it again?

  10. john says:

    Wow. Delusional is really the only word that comes to mind. His responses regarding gridlock are empty…wow….I really hope that we come out on top tomorrow!

  11. Nelson says:

    I just played a game: a swig every time I heard a Hudak talking point from the last 4 weeks… and I’m feeling a bit noxious (and it’s not from the alcohol)

  12. Cam Prymak says:

    At the 11th hour Hudak is counting on his base of supporters to respond. He’s counting on them to respond to the barrage of negativity in exactly the same way it’s played out in the US. There you have ‘leaders’ saying the most idiotic things while their followers hoot and holler over more instances of using the death penalty or leaving behind those with no health insurance, all in the name of justice and cutting government spending. It’s a remarkably sad transformation and this is not the way we do things in Ontario or Canada.

    So tomorrow, get your spouse, get your kids, get your friends, call your neighbours and go out and VOTE!

  13. As an intelligent heterosexual male, I’m proud to admit that I love watching homophobes get their due. Screw Hudak. And I don’t even live in Ontario.

    As if this posting, he lost. And recently, as an Albertan, I got to watching a liberal take control of the PC party.

    Interesting times…

    What was I talking about again? Right: screw homophobes like Hudak. Screw them right in the — Mr. Kinsella, how crude am I allowed to be in comments?

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