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Tim’s homophobia

Conservatives React to Hudak’s Desperate, Dishonest, Homophobic Flyer

Toronto – – Prominent Conservatives are reacting to Tim Hudak’s desperate, dishonest, and homophobic flyer.

John Tory, former PC leader, CFRB, October 3, 2011:

“I can’t imagine, first of all, what strategy this embodies in terms of this late in an election…And secondly, it seems to go against everything certainly that we’re supposed to be explaining, and getting kids to embrace and understand.  They don’t have to be accepting for their own personal lives, but just accepting of the fact that people are different. This just seems inflammatory.”

Jaime Watt, former co-chair, Ontario PC campaigns, Power and Politics, October 3, 2011:

“I can’t explain it for the life of me…I don’t want to cause my friends that are running that campaign any trouble today, but I can’t understand this, and I certainly can’t understand the rationale that would actually take them off the agenda and have this a media issue for the last push of the campaign.”

Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun columnist and former Hudak PC candidate, via Facebook:

“I am so disgusted with today’s comments by Willowdale PC candidate Vince Agovino that he would fight to keep ‘queer issues’ out of Catholic schools. Is this man running in the U.S. Bible Belt of the U.S. or in Toronto. I thought we’d moved beyond such nonsense.”

Gerry Nicholls, Conservative Commentator and former head of the National Citizens Coalition with Stephen Harper, AM640, October 3, 2011:

“Probably not the kind of thing that the conservatives want to be talking about right now…This is not the kind of the thing that they want talking about a couple of days before the election because it kind of plays to the liberal Narrative that these guys are to the right of the political spectrum…I`m surprised they did…”

Jim Richards, CFRB, October 3, 2011:

“If you believe that this is the curriculum, you’re too stupid for me to vote for you. You are absolutely too stupid for me to vote for you. You know that that’s not the curriculum; You know that that is not the curriculum. How am I supposed to vote for someone that is that dumb? How am I supposed to vote for someone who is that stupid? You want to run this province? And you’re that much of an ignoramus?”




  1. James Curran says:

    Sue Anne Levy.


  2. Martyn says:

    Great quotes. It never stops amazing me how campaigns can sabotage themselves by making primary mistakes.

  3. Next on Hudak’s hitlist: foreign gays who use Dijon mustard instead of regular Canadian yellow mustard.

  4. Michael says:

    I heard someone say the other day: “It appears Tim Hudak has replaced his campaign manager with a can of gasoline and some matches.”


  5. Trevor says:

    Hey Warren,

    Here is an idea to consider: the Liberal Party of Ontario, New Democratic Party of Ontario, Green Party of
    Ontario, Egale, and any other Ontario political party and/or organization which opposes homophobia and
    bigotry should organize a joint impromptu protest outside of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario’s
    headquarters at 19 Duncan Street, Suite #401 in Toronto. You could invite the media to cover this event
    and you could also give some thought to asking Liberal, NDP and Green supporters in Ontario’s 107 electoral riding to organize their own impromptu protests outside of the campaign offices of their local Ontario PC Party candidate. Of course, these protest(s) would be open to the general public and would encourage anyone who is opposed to this vile and disgusting homophobic flyer put out by the Ontario PC Party to attend. You could even organize such an event on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, ect.
    The Ontario Liberal Party could organize such a protest against homophobia itself or you could even do it personally given the wealth of contacts you have personally in the media, other political parties, ect.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. What do you think?.

    • Warren says:

      I like it…but with one day to go, pretty hard to pull off.

      • Trevor says:

        Yes, very true. However, there is still time to organize an impromptu protest
        outside both the Ontario PC Party’s headquarters which is located at 19 Duncan
        Street, Suite #401 in Toronto as well as the campaign office of Ben Shenouda,
        the Ontario PC Party candidate who is still shamelessly distributing the flyer in
        question, is located at 160 Main Street South, Unit 6A in Brampton.

        When Rob Ford made his anti-immigrant comments during the Mayoral debate
        last summer, I seem to recall that a few of the Mayoral candidates and thier
        supporters confronted him outside of Toronto City Hall less than 24 hours later.

        Anyway, if anyone is interested in contacting Baher “Ben” Shennouda and letting
        him know what they think about his homophobic flyer he can be reached at ben@benshenouda.ca or 289.233.1847

  6. steve says:

    I would like to see Jason Kenney, Barry Trost, John Baird and Tim Hudaks best man Guy Girodano be asked for their opinion.

  7. SF Thomas says:

    One of the things I like about Canada and generally makes me quite hopeful for our society is that even many of our conservatives think that things like gay bashing is stupid and has no place in politics. Shows at least on some fronts we’ve come much further with civil rights than the US has. There isn’t much room in our public discourse for these types of attacks anymore.

  8. Outsider says:

    On the other hand, it also shows the depths that some of our politicians are willing to plumb while chasing their Holy Grail: Power. And it is also deeply depressing to realize that it means these same politicians believe this kind of hate-filled position will find enough traction in Ontario to put them over the top ….

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