10.06.2011 07:09 AM

What’s it mean?

It means a lot.

For us Liberals, it means GOTV, GOTV, GOTV. Forward, together.

I’m taking the kids to school for the first time this year, I’m voting, and then I’m driving to Ottawa for what may be history.



  1. Roger says:

    shouldnt you be taking the train?…much more eco-friendly…

    • Warren says:

      I am going to the woods after this, and no train goes where I’m goin’.

      • Chris says:

        Here’s hoping that Friday evening sees you sitting on the dock with a cold one in your hand and a contented smile on your face.

        • Warren, your War Room played well, kept leading the pace of the game and finished all checks. When you first started depicted Hudak as “Tea Party Tim” weeks ago, I thought you were going over the top to a place of extreme partisanship. I remember thinking, ‘C’mon, this is not Nevada or Arizona and Tim Hudak is not a raving nutcase a la Sarah Palin’. Then, stupifyingly, Hudak started playing down to your stereotype. He actually became Tea Party Tim! It was a close game, tough play in the corners but in the end the your squad will win tonight.

          Warren Kinsella, number 9, 3 stars!

          And the Habs will win tonight as well…

          • Chris says:

            Bill – CBC hockey and politics simultaneously. What a glorious evening, even if the Habs do lose. I predict Liberal majority by one seat and the Leafs 3-2.

  2. The Realist says:

    You forgot to put a link to the poll showing that the Conservatives supposedly lose all of their seats?

    I think the polls undercount Conservative support. I don’t think they’ll win, but they’ll do better than the polls you like to emphasize.

    Pollsters prior to the federal election pegged Conservative support at 37% the day before. They ended up with 40%.

    • Attack! says:

      It’s not that they undercount Cons. support: it’s that they count all ‘voter intention’ too loosely, and thus too equally.

      The point is, far more of the “intend to vote Cons.” respondents actually follow through and — you, know — actually vote, than the ‘ah, why should we bother’ other parties’ lip-service respondents.

      Abacus was probably onto something, it’s just that they shouldn’t have done it in publicly, in the middle of the campaign: they should have experimented with it internally.

      Instead of just acting, ‘If an election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for,’ they should ask some screening questions w/which to either screen out or at least weight respondents:

      – Were you eligible to vote in the last election(s) of this level?
      – Did you?
      – If not, was it just for health or accessibility reasons?

      After all, federally, nearly 40% of the potential respondent pool now aren’t really voters, despite being eligible.

      Failing to take this into account is like doing market research on the brand preference of soft drinks or beer and including huge swaths of responses of those who haven’t purchased or consumed it in years, and concluding that “Most people want to buy Club” http://www.stubby.ca/bottles-view.php?id=222

  3. Chris says:

    Little confused – ‘what’s it mean’ what is the ‘it’ you are referring to? Sorry slow in the mornings.

  4. steve says:

    GO DALTON GO Ontario chooses the future, proves Canada still exists.

  5. JenS says:

    Voted, urged other like-minded individuals to vote, and wore a red shirt. What more can I do?

    • Windsurfer says:

      Poor Mike Shreiner and the whole Greens effort in this election. The Toronto Star laments today that the party got shuffled to the lowest level on the boatdeck this time around.

      I know Mike and wish that they would bite the bullet and just align themselves as the Green Wing of the Libs.

      Or something like that.

      • The Doctor says:

        I read an article recently (sorry, can’t remember where at the moment) that made a convincing argument that part of the reason for the Greens’ woeful performance in recent Canadian federal and provincial elections is that a good part of their program has been appropriated by other (mostly Liberal and Dipper) parties. Sometimes in good faith, sometimes in the form of vigorous lip service. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I mean, look at McGuinty’s vigorous efforts to promote himself as the Green Premier.

  6. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    A little trite, but good luck today, Mr. Kinsella!…

    No Prisoners!

  7. Darren K says:

    You would be proud of me.

    At the Polling place, I saw 3 NDP signs that were too close. I had them removed by the polling officer.

    Let’s hope it’s a good night.


  8. I am sure your efforts will be well rewarded tonight. . Slick c ampaign under very unusual conditions

  9. Jerome Bastien says:

    Congrats on a good campaign Warren.

    Let’s hope next time you face a better opponent than Hudak.

    PS: Ive posted a couple versions of this comment today, but they dont appear, not even “waiting for moderation”

  10. catherine says:

    Talking about what does it mean, does the Toronto Sun know what cheshire grin’s crewcabanger means? They have the picture on their website of Horwath and her son with his cheshire grin crewcabanger t-shirt. Not very nice.

  11. Michael S says:

    Hey WK: Rocco Rossi for Speaker!

  12. Africon says:

    So this means that 58% of the people of Ontario voted against Dalton…… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!

    Let’s hope we’ll hear no more of that bullcrap from anyone, any more.

    Time to move on and find a speaker, heh heh.

    From the viewpoint of a conservative in Manitoba, it seems to me that neither PC leader had the X factor nor the guts to be consistent, state THEIR case and hold both progressive government’s feet to the fire over Greek like debt and spending.

    Does anyone here feel sorry for George Papandreou ?

    Looks like WK out war roomed the PC warriors – well done.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      I’m so tired of Cons comparing ANY Canadian jurisdiction to Greece. It may make a nice soundbite but our levels of revenue v spending, and our levels of tax evasion, are not remotely like what’s been going on in Greece.

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