11.02.2011 11:08 AM

CRG media monitors, take note

One, here’s Testy Tom speaking candidly to Barbara Yaffe – who, BTW Tom, works for a newspaper and will quote you and all that: “There’s nothing I find more galling than to have the fact of being from Quebec used as a wedge issue, saying: The guy is from Quebec, he cannot lead a national party,” he said. “We’ve come full circle from the time it was seen as an advantage to the time it’s used as a slur against you.”

Two, here’s what the black-hearted CRG elf lords will turn that beaut into, in just a few months from now: “NDP LEADER [OR DEPUTY LEADER] SAYS HIS OWN PARTY IS AGAINST QUEBEC.”

And, three, here’s my suggested slogan about this guy, gratis: “Thomas Mulcair – once an idiot, still an idiot.”


  1. TheSilentObserver says:

    I think we can wait on dismissing Mulcair as an idiot before we can see whether he can do what Prof. Ignatieff was incapable of doing: winning a leadership election with actual opponents, building rather than demolishing a party’s national support network, and being able to put heat on the government while under assault rather than crouching in a corner with his tail between his legs.

  2. AP says:

    Mulcair must be reading from the Lucien Bouchard, “We have been Humiliated” playbook. In his left hand Mulcair holds a lighter and with his right hand he’s piling up the dry leaves and kindling wood.

  3. Rick Thomson says:

    Missed one.

    Always will be an idiot.

  4. Marc L says:

    An opportunistic obnoxious loudmouth. That pretty much sums it up.

    • bugzy says:

      Well that reminds me of the Cons MP’s especially Bull Dog Baird who has probably got the biggest obnoxious mouth and Stupidity to the core. So I suppose if your a Con lover, It doesn’t make any difference.

      And that my friend pretty much sums it up.

  5. james Smith says:

    I’m not in the loop, but from what I’ve heard/read & talked to family in Quebec about there is a BIG reason this LOAD never ran for the LPC.

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