11.15.2011 09:44 AM

Help wanted

Still looking for CVs for an unnamed firm – knowledge of Queen’s Park, Liberal pedigree. Email me.


  1. Brian says:

    So let’s be clear – “unnamed firm” means this is not your firm, but rather some door-opener firm that prefers pedigree to other forms of aptitude.

    Clear? 🙂

  2. Douglascs says:

    What about smart, diligent, and enthusiastic recent graduates who have a double-honours degree in political science/communication? Oh, who also with a Liberal pedigree and relevant political campaign experience?!

    Six figures? I’ll take it!


  3. JenS says:

    So tempted, despite newly-signed contract …

  4. Chris says:

    Full-time? part-time? consulting? Doing what specifically? Need more info.

  5. Whiz Kid says:

    I’m the guy! I’ve got the experience. Worked for the Great Thinker — Michael Ignatieff. I’m social media savvy. I’m the one who blogged about the guy who drove 8 hours from Sudbury to Barrie just to hear the Great Thinker speak. Don’t know Queen’s Park so much but I can learn! I can learn! I am one of the Great Thinker’s whiz kids, McLean’s said so!! Do yourself a favour. Hire me today! Besides I need the work.

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