11.18.2011 07:59 AM

Ho ho ho

The Santa Claus parade is on Sunday here in Toronto. Last year only one of my kids would go. Will anyone at all come this year?


  1. Joey Rapaport says:

    GO BOMBERS GO !!!!

  2. dave says:

    Sometimes, when I am imagining a human civilazation a two or three millenia from now, I wonder what they will make of the archeology and scattered records of our time, and speculate on what the Santa Claus parades reveal about our beliefs and values.

    (I like to plan ahead, fromtime to time! 😉

    • Warren says:

      Whoa, holy downer, Batman

      • Cath says:

        no downer from me WK. I love this parade!! I remember my parents taking us downtown to watch the parade. I’m still afraid of those upside-down clowns. I remember too going to wait for Santa and for a treat my parents buying us an ice-cream waffle from a place along the Eaton’s Annex – I remember the wooden floors and my kid brother getting his boot stuck in that old escalator steps. All I wanted that year was Silly Putty.
        My town is having its parade tomorrow – Saturday. You’ll recall we had an F3 tornado rip the place up in August….the parade will travel around that same torn up Square tomorrow night – some stores slowly opening but lots of good old buildings demolished. It’s going to be a bitter-sweet event for Goderich I think. We do have a great sense of spirit though.

        By the way, I really didn’t like the job that CTV did of televising the Toronto parade last year – too much yapping and not enough shots of the parade itself. Was longing for Global again. Hope its better this year!

      • dave says:

        Having a dour day!

  3. TheSilentObserver says:

    I’ve never been to the Toronto Parade, and while I acknowledge that it’s more or less the holiday season by this point in November, always thought it seemed a bit early

  4. JenS says:

    I have one of similar vintage to your youngest (my boy will be 10 in Feb) and I think he’s pretty clear on the Santa deal, but not copping to it as a way of hedging his bets. He will go to our local parade tomorrow, Santa letter in hand, but I suspect it will be mostly for my benefit. [[[Sigh.]]]

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