11.05.2011 07:44 AM

I shall wear my trousers rolled

Just dropped eldest son off for a bar mitzvah at Beth Tzedec. The rabbi greeted us and said my boy looked very handsome in his suit.

He did, he does, and my God do I ever feel old, right about now.


  1. Wannabeapiper says:

    You are old when you wear your underpants ( not on purpose ) over your trousers and don’t realize it and then deny it.

    So you are still ok.

  2. kre8tv says:

    I find that’s as we get older, we measure time no longer through the years of our own experiences but through the eyes of our children.

    Y’know…”Why should I give a shit what you think?” would make a great song. Just sayin’ here.

  3. david says:

    Did you buy the suit from Moores at the 2 for one OR did you get one of Don Cherries old cast offs. I trust you at least went for the former and not the latter

  4. allegra fortissima says:

    High-flood pants a la Thom Brown? Cool. But you better do it right. You roll the cuffs no more than 2 1/2 – 4 cm, otherwise you’ll end up in knickerbockers, which are definitely outdated. Also out of style: sans-culottes. Today’s true revolutionaries roll it up, no matter how “old” they are 🙂

  5. JenS says:

    It goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

  6. moose gemmell says:

    Dare you eat a peach?

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