11.26.2011 09:58 AM

More hits than zits!

Social Blemish Records’ latest mop-topped punk-pop sensation, SFH, is issuing its WDYHM soon!  Here’s a snapshot of Social Blemish’s first-ever release, now worth a small fortune in certain countries in Europe. The Hot Nasties ‘I Am A Confused Teenager’ here, and (bonus!) early mix of SFH tune ‘The Truth’ here. Spin away!


  1. wannabeapiper says:

    The shitty musician I am, please allow me the indulgence of exposing my ignorance about Punk Rock. Your mix of “The Truth” seems to be missing the bass runs. Although I am listenting to it on teeny tiny laptop speakers, it seems to me there may be some spectacular runs in there and I can’t hear them. Ask somebody to turn up your track and then I think the song will rock! The drum and vocal and guitar tracks sound good.

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