11.23.2011 08:01 AM

Peggy Nash favours making Canada easier to break up

…not a happy headline for her. Meanwhile, Mulcair says his party hates Quebec.

Somewhere, Brian Topp is smiling.


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    TheSilentObserver says:

    Obviously, the greatest weakness of the NDP at the present time, IMOHO, is the moderate kid glove treatment they are giving to the sovereigntist movement. Any government or prospective government must do all they can to encourage federalism and also make a comprehensive provision for if Quebec does seperate, though sovereigntism appears to be at a low. the Reform Party ignored the former of these points, the Liberals the latter, and the NDP, c’mon guys, I chose you, why can’t you choose at least one of these options? I recognize the principle of self-determination, but there are millions of Quebeckers, millions of NDPers, who want to fight for a united Canada.

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    Steven says:

    Layton’s NDP got a pass on this issue from most, if not all, the media in the last elections.

    Layton stood by the Sherbrooke Declaration (“of Indepenence”).

    I am still waiting for Broadbent, Topp et al. to formally and unequivocally disavow the SDI.

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      The Doctor says:

      I agree. The goalposts have totally moved for the NDP — practically nobody paid serious attention to anything they said in the past. Then came the last election. Now, they’re under the microscope for the first time ever and, as a result, squirming and squabbling. I love it.

      That Sherbrooke Declaration is so stupid, it’s a classic piece of pure politics that completely falls apart when you analyze it. It’s clearly offside the Supreme Court ruling on this issue, given the fact that the Supreme Court unequivocally stated that any referendum question would have to be “clear”. That obviously does not square with “any bloody question the Quebec National Assembly pulls out of its ass.”

      How or why any Trudeau/Chretien/Dion Liberals would want to climb into bed with these panderers is beyond me.

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        Philip says:

        I’m not sure the entire Liberal Party wants to: “climb in bed with these panderers”. I know I don’t, large parts of the Liberal Party don’t either. I could have joined the NDP last year but chose the Liberal Party because it represented the values which resonate with me.

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