11.09.2011 09:03 AM

Someone’s hiring

…I’m told.

“We’re looking for someone with a Liberal pedigree, significant knowledge of the players at Queen’s Park, great writing and strategic skills, and bilingualism wouldn’t hurt.  Toronto location.”

If you know such a person, contact.


  1. Hey Warren – I think I fit the bill, and I can start immediately!

  2. David Imrie says:

    Sure, I’ll do it!

  3. Brian says:

    Pity. I could never really stomach the idea of employers who hired based on ‘pedigree.’ 😉

  4. Like Harper’s Government, is the bilingualism part optional?

  5. Pat says:

    How about a young professional with a Liberal background, strategic and policy competencies, strong writing pedigree and the ability to build further relationships in Queen’s Park?

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