11.25.2011 07:03 AM

Stay, Timmy, stay!

Dear Adam et al.:

We ask that you stop picking on Tim. We do not want to lose him!


Ontario Liberals


  1. Glen says:

    This whole “I might force an election at any time” thing confuses me. Where is Tim getting his advice?

    • Ted says:

      I think he’s being told “don’t act like a wuss or act like a reasonable human like Dion and Ignatieff and Tory or your own party will boot you before Ontarians get another chance to do it for us”.

    • Ted H says:

      I am pleased with your balanced approach, since you name right winger Stockwell Day as well as Liberals Dion and Ignatieff. However, while the aformentioned three gentlemen can be criticised for bad judgement, none of them ever exhibited the ugliness of Tim Hudak.

  2. david says:

    Gosh. Are you stupid. The small man for the Fed’s (humour here) Jim F is going nuts (at least the squire population is down this year in Oshawa ) is saying Canadaians need to get their spending in order, ( I was there when he spoke in Toronto). He really has not a firm grash in what is required. Perhaps he is thinking of takeing on Tim for the job in Ontario. Maybe Dalton is aware of what Jim is thinking. I heard their wives had lunch last week.

  3. Will Josephson says:

    I can say the following with full confidence: you Sir David, are full of it.

  4. steve says:

    Just for fun keep bugging Tim and Andrea on how their French lessons are going. If they are not making good progress by now they must be pretty slow learners.

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