11.29.2011 11:14 AM

Sun commenter

Below, one comment in response to today’s column.  I don’t know who is moderating over there, but they need to pay closer attention, I think.

  • AlexRoberts642 Collapse
    Why is this anti-White still being given a platform for his blathering?


  1. Weston75 says:

    Congrats you have officially been labelled a self hating white person. You get to join the ranks of self hating Jew (I fully understand that you like everything Israel does).

  2. Finn says:

    Ah, the Sun crowd…2 letters missing from their alphabet. IQ.

  3. Harith says:

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white, didn’t ya hear?

  4. dave says:

    Odd concept, ‘honour killing,’ because the honour is not in the person claiming the right to do the killing, it is in somebody else. I am saying that my honour resides in somebody else, for that somebody else to maintain. So, somebody else is responsible for maintaining my honour.
    When that somebody else, by my judgment, falters, I take it out on that somebody else. I kill that person, the person in whom my honour resided. When I kill that person in whom my honour resided, is my honour now with me? Or where has it gone?
    Anyway, whatever tradition it comes from, it sure is a concept that buffaloes me. (That’s why I had a hard time trying to get at what I am trying to get at here)

  5. Neil says:

    Warren…I think you are anti white….From the photos your VW is not white and I think you tend to favour Blue shirts over white and well I could go on. Me I like white, we just painted and my wife wanted blue or something but I had this vision of stark white with the new dark brown floor, thought the simplicity and contrast would look great and boy was I right, she even admits it now and does not want to hang too much art to spoil it. I imagine your house is all those modern bright colours.. so 2010.

    Of course your hair has gone white and you seem ok with that so maybe I am wrong….
    (All that just to get a dig in about the hair)

  6. Lisa L says:

    Dan F’s comment says it all. Like him, I was also wondering how it is that Warren is just noticing the offensive nature of comments in the online Sun, and I struggled to find the words to express my thoughts on the subject. And then I saw Dan F’s response and I said “Amen”. I love the Toronto Sun, and I just don’t understand why the powers that be allow the comment sections to be used as a forum for anyone wanting to spew off about anything. The comments I see on a regular basis on the Sun website are not reflective of the vast majority of Sun readers. And I am willing to bet that many loyal Sun readers would like to make comments and engage in lively banter and debate but don’t because they don’t want their comments to be along side of, in the words of Dan F, comments that are “…putrid hate-filled venom…representing the most ignorant, vile, disgusting commentary on Canadian politics…” I am not advocating censorship. People are entitled to believe what they want and to say what they want. But there is a difference between a person’s right to believe and feel what they want, and a media outlet’s right to use discretion when providing a free forum for people to express themselves.

  7. allegra fortissima says:

    Major problems arise when, due to the lack of integration or the unwillingness to fully integrate, people think that “family is above the law” and execute their own laws:


    Kudos to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (yes, I am saying this here and now) for his very straightforward words: “There will be no Sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.”

    P.S. “a thick, lustrous silver mane” – LOL! Try a hair restorative and invigorator, Sir: “Sugar of lead, borax and lac sulphur of each 1 ounce, aqua ammonia 1/2 ounce, alcohol 1 gill; mix and let stand for 14 hours; then add bay rum 1 gill, fine table salt 1 tablespoonful, soft water 3 pints, essence of bergamot 1 ounce. This preparation not only gives a beautiful gloss, but will cause hair to grow upon bald heads arising from all common causes…” (Lee’s Priceless Recipes, 3000 Secrets For The Home, Farm, Laboratory, Workshop And Every Department Of Human Endeavor).

    • The Doctor says:

      Don’t forget the mercury. Lots and lots of mercury. That way scientists will still be able to figure out what killed you when they exhume your corpse hundreds of years from now.

  8. Michael S says:

    It’s a white power dog-whistle, WK, only a “remember us” dog-whistle directed at you. They’re still hiding under rocks.

  9. wannabeapiper says:

    Ya I read your column and then wasted some time reading the shite comment section and yes someone should moderate it. It reflects very badly on the Sun and the comments, or at least most of them, in my view are hate filled. Seems to me that the Sun should not be allowing this or be judged that they support it.

  10. Chris says:

    Warren, you might be interested in this essay by web-pundit Anil Dash:


  11. wannabeapiper says:

    Everything will be alright now ;)……..

    Toronto City Hall was buzzing as the news broke that Adrienne Batra — Mayor
    Rob Ford’s press secretary and one of the most visible members of his
    administration — was joining the Toronto Sun.
    Batra has been appointed editor of the Sun’s comment pages and
    torontosun.com, Publisher Mike Power announced Tuesday.

  12. Are you sure he’s not referring to Bob White? Y’know, formerly of CAW? ‘Cause I’m fairly certain they clashed when Rae was premier.

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