11.20.2011 11:28 AM

That’s that

Youngest Son: Daddy, will you be sad if I want to go to [eldest son’s] hockey game, not the Santa Claus parade?

Me, totally lying: No, of course not, buddy. If that’s what you want to do, we’ll do that.

[The author checks himself in for treatment of depression.]


  1. Ken says:

    If it’s any consolation, some time in his 30s, he will re-discover Santa Claus and his parade.

    In Ottawa, they moved the Santa Claus Parade to dark time, just after sunset. Pure magic. Downtown crowd rivals Canada Day.

  2. Al says:

    Father of 2 & 5 year old … dreading that day.
    At least it was for a good reason!

  3. Winston Higgs says:

    Me to older daughter: “C’mon and watch Hilarious House of Frightenstein with me!”
    Older daughter: “No thanks, Dad, I am studying for my Astronomy final with friends.”
    Me to older daughter: “But since I am paying for your Uni, doesn’t that make me the majority shareholder and as such, are you not required to make me happy?”
    Older daughter: “I dunno about that because I am not taking business. Now grow up and stop bothering me!”
    Me: “Never! In fact, I plan on Occupying This Room until you change your mind!”
    Older daughter: “MOM!!!!!”
    Me: “Ok, ok…sheesh…where’s your sister?”

  4. david says:

    Well it looks like Santa has one less stop this year.

  5. Ted says:

    I’m in transition myself.

    Older son was in a hockey tournament this weekend which, if he made the final, would prevent us from going to the parade. The 6 year old fessed up and said (with some sadness it should be noted) that he wanted his brother to win, but he kinda also didn’t.

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