12.12.2011 03:29 PM

A moment

So there I was, heading along the Extension and the sun caught me full on, and it was warm on my face, and Galaxie 500 comes on with ‘Fourth of July,’ and it was as perfect a moment as you could get, one that you’ll remember forever. ¬†Or I will, at least.


  1. The Other Jim says:

    I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit. The dog refused to look at it.

    Great Boston band!!!!

  2. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    This Is Our Music and 1990. Ah, the last real year of youthful conceit. After that it was all houses and babies and 60 hour work weeks…

  3. Hammer Dom says:


    Great Vid!


    I wanted to mention the thoughtful obit in the Globe Saturday last for Tom Kent. Did you know him? Sounds like a great Canadian.



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