12.02.2011 08:02 AM

Ford sucky sucky babies

Ford Official portrait.  Go to it, investigative reporters!

If a progressive administration did this to a conservative media outlet – the Post or Sun News or what have you – the media organization would (rightly) have grounds to be outraged.

The Star, I think, is being too meek in its response. If Toronto’s Chief Troglodyte wants to declare war on a paper, I’d return the favour, times ten. Get Kevin Donovan’s investigative team to go through every inch of both Ford’s lives. Make ’em cry like the babies they’ve revealed themselves to be.

There’s a lot there, for a reporter prepared to look.

A lot.


  1. If Ford is so adamant that The Star is lying about him, he should prove it, PUBLICLY. Otherwise, The Star should fight back hard.

  2. Terry says:

    Grew up in Ford’s neighbourhood and I’ve been hearing crazy stories about Rob and his bro Randy for many years (nothing about Doug). Too many overlapping stories from different people for too long for it to be BS. I’m surprised more hasn’t come out.

  3. JStanton says:

    The “lamestream” moniker applies to newspapers of the right and of the centre. “Lame”, because they will avoid a fight at all costs. They just want to get along. As the difficulties in squeezing a dollar from newspapers increase, the quality of journalistic standards decrease. There is no motivation for classical investigative reportage – and it’s expensive. Re-printing syndicated fluff-pieces is more cost-effective.

    And that’s why the Fords get a free pass, and that’s why Mr. Harper’s propaganda goes unchallenged.

    When a democratic society has an ineffective political opposition, AND an ineffective media, democracy itself is the victim.


  4. David says:

    As a teacher, I know a lot is kept hidden, but what were the real reasons Rob Ford was fired as a gym teacher by the Toronto Catholic District School Board?

  5. Tiger says:

    Didn’t he get elected even after the stories about his drunk driving and pot bust in FL hit the news?

    It’s all priced into the model.

    • Warren says:

      Well, I guess the question an enterprising reporter would ask would be: “Have you used illegal substances since that time? No? Really? Would you submit to a blood test to prove it?”

      Something like that, just to cite one example.

  6. Mike in TO says:

    I notice that in their on line edition of ths story the Star has a hotlink to the original offending article. So Ford has just brought the whole thing up again. I hadn’t heard anything about it the first time, but now I’ know all about it.

    Also, doesn’t Ford know that the best way to get people to read something is to tell them that they shouldn’t?

  7. Michael S says:

    Dear Rob;

    How are your sinuses?

    Just asking.

  8. scanner says:

    Has the Star lost the advertising the City places for property announcements? I first noticed the Sun was getting a lot more of these ads than they had in the past, last February. If the City is no longer placing these legal ads in The Star, one might argue the legal requirements are not being fulfilled as the circulation of the Sun is a fraction of that of The Star. What’s up with that?

  9. DJ says:

    As a Vancouverite, I’m so glad that Nick Kouvalis’s Campaign Research Inc. utterly failed to make a difference for the right-leaning Non Partisan Association in Vancouver’s civic election. The NPA hired this firm and lost the mayoral race and elected just two councillors, two park commissioners, and three school trustees. The negative attacks against left-leaning Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver team utterly failed.

  10. bwilldard says:

    So it’s OK for Star reporters to follow Ford’s elderly mother around when she’s visiting friends and then knock on the door and ask for a comment?
    Is it also perfectly fine if Star reporters lurk in bushes, wait until the Ford brothers leave for Huntsville, then again come knocking on the cottage door harassing their kids?
    Someione once here said that stalking family members shouldn’t be part of the poliutical process.

    • Warren says:

      Nope. And I’ve said that, over and over, and for years. Families are off limits.

      But, say, if a reporter wants to ask a question like this: “Sir, have you ever used a prohibited substance since your election?”

      That’s fair game.

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