12.14.2011 12:07 PM

From the human rights front line

…starring my brothers Warman and Murphy. Who, whether you know it or not, have done much to make Canada inhospitable to hate, and haters.


  1. Potluck says:

    I hope there are others and that more will support protecting miNority groups.

    From what I’m reading it seems that those who favor abolishing Section 13 are neo-nazis, hatemongers and the media. Kind of strange bed-fellows. Then again other than these two and you Warren, everyone else seems to have headed south on this

  2. Politically correct says:

    Actually potluck I think Warren would agree that there are some other folks who continue to make their views known and have been the brunt of pretty serious attacks from those ugly right wing bloggers. I’m thinking of people like Pearl Eliadis, Bernie Farber, even Frank Dimant have all taken strong stands. Both Farber and Eliadis have been attacked mercilessly by the usual gang of Genghis Khan types for doing so. Just credit where it’s due is all

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