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Good, good.


  1. smelter rat says:

    I could get behind that.

  2. Jim Hanna says:

    Sure, but just think of the next Tory ad campaign: “Marc Garneau, he didn’t come back to Earth for you”

  3. Mark Morabito says:

    AS a DRC I would genuinely be concerned if this guy won the leadership. Who doesnt love astronauts? If you get get someone to give him a makeover and get some good hair colour then he can be the more youthful candidate he is prepared to endorse.

  4. JH says:

    Now there’s a decent man that folks could get behind. For that reason alone he”ll fail. The movers and shakers would never permit it for one reason. I don’t believe there’d be any ‘entititeled to your entitlements with this good man. I don’t believe this good man would countenance or approve such a thing. Thus he’s dead in the water.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      I was halfways thinking the same thing…but here’s hoping we’re both wrong. Wouldn’t that be nice?

      • JH says:

        Indeed. I met Mr. Garneau recently and he was the soul of friendliness and sincerity. In fact that’s a word I would associate with him most of all. No flash and dash, just solid, forthright and very very polite. Christmas Day, I happened to catch some of the PM series CPAC was running and Louis St. Laurent was featured. Watching it immediately brought Mr. Garneau to mind. He has that same sense of the fiteness of things and comes across as an example of the cultured outlook and perspective of life, we associate with the best of our francaphone fellow citizens. Sadly he does not seem fitted for the rough and tumble garbage can of politics, that ALL political parties seem to wallow in. Sadly as I say, I think the cannibals of his own party would devour him in the pursuit of power, long before his opponents got to him.

        • Warren says:

          Not if he’s got nasty bastards like me onside.

          • MCBellecourt says:

            I say this in all sincerety, Mr. K.–Mr. Garneau couldn’t ask for a better nasty bastard to have on-side–and I find that gives me hope JH and I ARE both wrong.

            So, for that, I say thanks!!

        • frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

          My Dad liked “Uncle Louis”….said he was one of the best Prime Ministers Canada ever had, and what Ive read about Louis St. Laurent would make comparing Marc Garneau to him high praise indeed……maybe its time for “Oncle Marc”….

  5. JH says:

    Ahh WK, nothing personal when I say this, because I enjoy your bluster & blarney, but I think that’s probably the problem. This is a very classy gentleman and that admirable character trait would be his undoing. I’m not sure he’d want to stoop to the level of having war rooms and nasty bastards onside. I seem to recall you having something of the same problem with Mr. Ignatieff, if I’m not mistaken. Being from a different era my mother would call Mr. Garneau one of God’s gentlemen. Sadly, there’s no room for gentlemen in the politics of today and you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a couple on either side of the H of C. Though I will say there are probably a few more ladies, in the real sense of that word.

    • Jim Hanna says:

      I disagree, the problem isn’t thats there no room for gentleman, its that to do their job, and to be the decent and classy politician, they need someone else to go into the corners for them…one of Dion’s and Ignatieff’s faults is not having an enforcer going into the corners for him. Gretzky was able to do what he did because there were always someone, from Semanko on, to play rough with those who would play rough with him…all the while letting him collect the Lady Byngs…if Warren will forgive the comparison to Semenko. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire; I wish to god all the times they nailed Ignatieff about his time abroad, someone would hammer the message, we’d rather have a leader who brought Canadian values to Americans, then is bringing American values to Canadians; or the like….you can’t keep bringing a knife to a gunfight.

      • JH says:

        The problem is the leader is tarred with what his party operators do. Perfect example is Harper is blamed for what some polling firm does in Cotler’s riding. Savvy folks know the difference. Still he’s the leader, so it falls on him. I just don’t think Garneau would want his name and reputation sullied by what the backroom boys would be doing in his name either. Yet as the leader – he’s where the buck stops.

        • MCBellecourt says:

          Reading what you wrote about Mr. Garneau confirms how he comes across to me when I watch him on TV, but in the same token, he was a military officer, so it wouldn’t surprise me that if he needed to get down and dirty when all else fails, he could do it. He has his own kind of toughness–going up into space in a somewhat flimsy man-made craft is not for wimps–but I think he and WK could come up with the *right stuff* to get the job done. Mr. Garneau is a gentleman that has the respect of many, many people, and he is smart enough to generate mutual respect in the team he works with. Badda Bing badda boom, there’s half the battle won right there.

          As for Harper, it is becoming widespread knowledge that he exercises extreme control over his party and people associated with that party. It is natural that he would be blamed for the Cotler file, and I noticed that, in no way, shape or form did he condemn the polling firm’s actions. His silence speaks volumes, wouldn’t you agree?

          It should be interesting to say the least. With all these factors, I hope Mr. Garneau does go for it, and the team effort, if it can gel and grow into an indomitable force, will be a whole lot of fun to watch.

          • JH says:

            Thanks for the reply MC I’m enjoying this discussion without the usual ‘attack ads’, I sometimes get as a small ‘c’ conservative on here. You may be right in all of the above, but I would point out that I don’t believe Mr. Chretien or his successor Mr. Martin, were responsible for the Liberal Party scandals perpetuated by some of their party workers in Montreal. Yet both got tarred by that brush, simply because they were the leaders at that time. It’s what happens in politics – proof or no proof.
            I just don’t see Marc Garneau performing well in that kind of an arena, because it would be so distasteful to him personally. If you watch him in the H of C you will notice he’s never a part of the baying hounds. His intreventions are usually calm and well thought out, with none of the usual nastiness. He’s also not much into the blame game by all appearancs, but rather seeks information from those he questions. I also notice that in turn he’s answered very respectfully by his political opponents and I suspect it’s because he is a class act, that he is treated that way.

  6. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    My money’s on Lib MP Kirsty Duncan……if Bob Rae chooses not to run, of course……;)

  7. CanadaDave says:

    Yeah, I could get behind this…

  8. Cam Prymak says:

    what’s not to like?

  9. Cam Prymak says:

    has the right stuff.

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