12.25.2011 09:03 PM

In today’s Sun: 2011 in review

It’s year end! Well, almost.

It’s close enough, however. And, as such, it’s that time of year when members of the commentariat come up with lists of who won, who lost, what was best, what wasn’t, blah blah blah. Lacking an imagination, as I do, herewith is my list of Top Five Really Important Political Stuff in 2011.

(It’s the same list I rolled out on Krista Erickson’s much-watched Sun News show and she liked it so much, I offer it to y’all, here.) In reverse order:


  1. Why for the love of everything mercy do you keep calling Harper’s Reform Party “The Conservatives”? They are ^NOT Conservatives. Reform Alliance C.R.A.P. Party… REMEMBER. THE neocons stole the “Conservative” name. PLEASE stop calling what HaprerCON does Conservative. Red Tories are rolling over in their grave everytime you do that.


  2. William says:

    How were the CPC beneficiaries when they lost seats?

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