12.17.2011 01:02 PM

Kepler 22b

Our priest mentioned Kepler 22b at Mass a couple weeks ago, and my kids and me have been talking about it ever since.

This is just so cool. Who wants to go with me?


  1. William says:

    Let’s send the conservatives.

    • TheSilentObserver says:

      no way, too hospitable

      • The Zaphos Institute says:

        Send them to Venus. Give them a preview of what Earth will be like after all the Athabaska tarsands oil has been exploited.

        • frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

          Earth First!…..we can strip mine the other planets later!…..

          I do agree with your last sentence, however Mr. Tulk…..

        • TheSilentObserver says:

          OK Gord, time to get on the rocket. I’m sure they have petrochemicals on Kepler as well

        • TheSilentObserver says:

          Besides, something tells me that if photovoltaic cells had been discovered/invented in the time of Col. Drake, we’d have not only copious amounts of whales, but a pleasant lack of acid rain, smog days, and dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Bering Sea

        • frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

          @Mr. Tulk…..Sorry, Mr. Tulk…..despite new technology and methods…..greenhouse gases from the tar sands continue to go up, not down, and no amount of you and your stinkin party’s greenwashing will change that…..


        • Philip says:

          The always controversial Mr. Tulk wrote:

          “Unpolished shoes are a disgrace to God and man. This is a truth I learnt from my dear Father. Perhaps this is why I find the polishing of shoes to be positively therapeutic. Requiring concentration and a modest expenditure of energy, but no thought, it enables the mind to rest and find comfort. And the result is truly satisfying. Scuffed, badly-maintained shoes denote laziness and unreliability in the wearer.”

          Thin ice, Mr. Tulk. Thin ice.

  2. james Smith says:

    Take this band’s tunes with:

  3. Some might say that Pat Martin is already there….

  4. Philip says:

    Our first Minshara Class planet! Huzzah!

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