12.31.2011 12:59 AM


None of us are surprised in the slightest, of course. But some of us are going to make him wear it.



  1. James Curran says:

    Oh. Many of us will be making him wear it. Especially since we “postponed” leadership to bring out the young, best, brightest future leaders.

  2. Kev says:

    And “making him wear it” would accomplish…. what again?

    • JenS says:

      This is kind of what I wonder. I mean, I am both perturbed and unsurprised by this ‘change of heart.’ It’s exactly what I expected him to do, and I suspect there’s a large faction of the party whose end game was exactly this. It doesn’t please me. I don’t believe he’s the man for the job.

      But ultimately, “making him wear it” just causes more of what’s troubled me for some time: this obvious and open division within the party that makes people like me hesitate to take the step of taking membership.

      There just doesn’t, to me, seem to be a way for the party to move forward and be energized while the in-fighting continues.

    • bigcitylib says:

      Esp if the only other potential is Boris W., for example.

      Bob Rae if necessary, but not necessarily Bob Rae.

  3. I don’t mind, I heard people begging him to run on his town hall phone calls, why shouldn’t he make a grab for it.

  4. Paul O says:

    Love the multipurpose posts which can apply equally to WK’s federal or provincial bosses.

  5. Roop says:

    Rae has too much baggage, but as far as I’m concerned, he should be allowed to run, as long as he doesn’t use his Interim Leadership position to influence the rules in his favour.

  6. SaM says:

    We want a chance to revive our fortunes. Please keep quiet.

    Your potential actions will only hurt us.

    Think twice.

    If you don’t like how things redeveloping just sit it out. Unless you prefer Harper.

    ( you too James)

  7. Greg says:

    He once told me he was going to nationalize car insurance, too.

  8. Bill says:

    Liberals need to get rid of this bum. Someone needs to talk John Manley into leading the party for a few years. Manley has the ability to pull some votes back from the Conservatives. I would like to see the Liberals be the official opposition after the next election (hate the NDP). Manley could take you there…….

    • Kev says:

      I agree, Manley could take us to official opposition.

      Bob Rae, I suspect, could take us to Langevin. Manley, not so much.

      Whoever it is, Rae, Garneau, Trudeau, Manley, Boris, how about we stop stabbing that person in the back, and focus on slitting Harper’s (non-literal) throat?

  9. Linda white says:

    Forgive me for I dont think as straight as I once did…but since Mr Chretien is a boob rae fan and has been pushing his wares to be leader for ever so long…why is Warren Kinsella against him…I too dislike him immensely because he is not what he puts out there. . He has the gift of the gab and thats about all I can say about him.

  10. Brammer says:

    The G&M states that he is “Banned from running under current party rules”.

    However, Calgary Grit makes a great point here: http://calgarygrit.blogspot.com/2011/11/copps-laws.html

    If true, then Rae is trying to change non-existent rules in an effort to re-direct the focus away from his lie.

  11. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    I hope the party does change the rules to allow Mr. Rae to run, because quite frankly I think he’s earned the right to do so……

    Hes taken a moribund party and breathed some life into it…..or at least one that is finally making an effort to be responsive to ordinary members like meself…….nuff said…..

    • frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

      Be careful of what you wish for, Mr. Tulk…….

      I agree that those who see Justin Trudeau as the messiah in waiting are a little much…..but I suspect Bob Rae could do a fine job for the party out on the hustings and in debate with your (and my former) leader….

      As to the Ont. electorate holding a grudge against Mr. Rae, you know as well as I the electorate have extremely short collective memories…..your leaders apparent teflon coating is proof positive of that…..

  12. Kre8tv says:

    I’m no fan of Rae, but the uncomfortable truth is that the LPC might not have the luxury of having a good roster of qualified, competent leaders to run for the leadership. But more to the point, most Canadians couldn’t give a toss about internal party politics. A good number of them, on the other hand, are looking for a sensible voice in Opposition to this lot we have in government right now. The Liberals have actually been doing a good job on that score these past few months and that’s where they should stay focused.

    • frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

      Im no policy wonk, but the party at least has a process in place where ordinary members like myself have opportunities to voice our opinion…….if this was still the Liberal Party of yore, I would not continue to be a member……
      Constitutional changes will take place at the coming convention, I believe a policy convention will take place shortly after the permanent leader(hopefully Mr. Rae) is selected by the whole of the party membership…..

  13. Cynical says:

    The cons love this.
    Another war within the Liberal party.

  14. Curious says:

    Warren/anyone: any chance that Ottawa mayor Jim Watson might run for Liberal leader? Any chance that he could win the thing?

      • Kev says:

        Not a good idea. Watson is the ultimate Mr. Dithers.

      • Curious says:

        Welll of course it’s a good idea :-), but is he interested, and does he have any chance? Re: Watson as Dithers, anyone who has heard Watson’s booming voice answer “no” when voting for more spending at city council knows that’s not true.

        • Kev says:

          Did you hear Watson spinning in the wind about rail transit?


          Watson doesn’t do or say anything without licking his finger and sticking it up to see which way the wind is blowing. That’s his position. Until the wind changes, and then that’s his position too.

          Dithers Dithers Dithers.

  15. Paul says:

    Until the Martin Liberals got the bright idea that all that money sitting there doing nothing in the EI fund could be used to “balance the budget,” that is…. EI premiums now go into general revenues for the government to piss away as they see fit, so I guess they ARE a tax if one looks at it that way.

    I think (hope) that CPP is protected by legislation from this type of looting otherwise it too would be empty.

    Also on the topic of CPP: weren’t both the Liberals and NDP calling for the “strengthening of the Canada Pension Plan” not too long ago? How exactly were they proposing to accomplish that, unless employer/employee contributions were raised? Oh I know, the same non-solution lefties have for everything: make “the rich” pay everyone else’s way.

  16. Kev says:

    When you guys were in opposition, you called them “payroll taxes” all the time.

    Were you Liberals or Democrats or MSM?

  17. Michael S says:

    The Upper Canada College old boys need to be expunged, or a new party without them needs to be created. That elite is toxic and the main reason the Liberals are adrift. But those bugs don’t squash easy.

  18. Linda white says:

    The NDP dislike Bob Rae immensely..they hate liberals…Bob Rae is in an entirely different category and I would say it is worst that hate.

    • Kev says:

      My friends, hate is better than love. Fear is better than hope. Despair is better than optimism. So let us be hateful, fearful and desperate. And we’ll change the world.

  19. Darren K says:

    The problems for the Liberals began when many members of the party thought it was a good time to change leaders. It was pushing Mr. Chretien from a position he grew fond of. The guy that many in the party thought would be the right guy was Paul Martin (I included). So this division in the party began.

    Frankly, I believed it was time for Mr. Chretien to depart. Martin is a brilliant economist that many in the world consult with on financial matters. The infighting in the party, specifically the Chretien loyalists refusing to see a change was needed, I believe this is what began the demise of the Liberals.

    It’s time to stop the infighting, or we’re gonna loose again.

    If the party feels Rae is right for the job, let him run. I’m not a fan per say, but it’s important that democracy rules – at party level first, then ……

    There is no need to make him wear it. Life changes, decisions that seemed sound at the time change. We’ve all made decisions we have changed. Doesn’t he have the right to change his mind?

  20. Philippe says:

    I’m biased because I’m so impressed with Rae. If I didn’t think he was our best shot to get back on top, I’d call him a liar too – but right now, he’s the man. He certainly seems more at ease than his 2 predecessors. Call him a liar, or anything else, but he’s our best shot at winning.

  21. Cam says:

    I don’t understand what will be achieved by further internal infighting. It seems to me that we have Harper as Prime Minister because of all the wasted energy spent infighting. So, in my opinion, keep up the infighting and we continue to have the neo-con agenda.

  22. Glen says:

    This is why Stephen Harper is, and will remain, Supreme Overlord.

    The Liberals just can’t get their shit together.

  23. Joel R says:

    Warren, what if Mr. Rae is not actually a liberal, but still an NDP plant and will work to merge the two federal parties, accomplishing what he was intending all along – a single left federal party, with the NDP at the helm, not the LPC. Or is this just a conspiracy theory? I’m not sure if you have commented on this conspiracy theory before in your online thoughts.

  24. Calvin says:

    Stupid Libs fighting among themselves—keep it up.

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