12.19.2011 12:29 PM

Nerf serf

In my place, I have pretty much every single Nerf gun ever made. The boys’ mother, wiser than me, won’t let them in her place. I do, however.  They’re everywhere.  Nerf darts and cartridges, too.

Nerf guns are not “ultra realistic,” or whatever the author says in this fun story. They’re Nerf guns. They’re orange and they’re toys. AK-47s they are not.

My youngest boy enjoys sneaking up on me, Ninja-like, and shooting me in the back over impressive distances and at impossible angles – and then watching me jump three metres in the air. It’s fun. Well, for him, it is.

What do you Dads (and Moms) out there think? Should there be a long barrel Nerf registry? Should there be constitutional protection to raise a Nerf militia?

Me, I don’t mind Nerf guns.

Getting shot in the back by a Nerf ninja, not so much.


  1. kre8tv says:

    Raising a daughter, this hasn’t been as much of an issue, but with my nephews there’s no question (in my mind, at least) that boys love these kinds of toys. We can wish otherwise, but it won’t change the fact that we’re hardwired for certain behaviours. My view is that it’s more important to talk about actual violence and teach kids the skills to avoid violence and to steer clear of others who engage in it. Nerf guns, on the other hand, are just goofy fun.

  2. steyrman says:

    Picked up a new one for my 12-year old son this Xmas. We both love shooting it out, knowing full well that these things AREN’T real, and that there is a BIG difference between a real gun and a Nerf gun. If we starting fixing bayonets on their muzzles or swung them as clubs at each other — THEN I think we would have some genuine concerns.

  3. Michael says:

    Help! The CBC and the socialists are using the CWB to steal our Nerf guns…or something…?

  4. AmandaM says:

    My 16 year-old son still gets fired up over new Nerf products, but I need to remind him each time he thinks he’d like to spend his money on such a thing that those damned bullets and darts get lost like socks in the laundry, only to be found months later under a bookshelf or something – but by then, a new and WAY MORE EXCITING Nerf product has come out. I hate those darts.

    Yeah, he does the whole “shoot Mum and scare the crap out of her for hysterical results” thing too. You seem to have several years of this behaviour yet to go, my friend.

    • AmandaM says:

      Oh yeah, and the most awesome thing is coming home to a giant kid dressed in a GHILLIE SUIT armed with his Nerf gun, trying to hide in the trees but giggling and really just looking like a big dumb bush with a bright orange contraption attached to it. COLOSSAL ROLLEYES. I call it “stupid teenage stuff”.

  5. Dan says:

    If you think about this too much you can become uptight about it. Violence is everywhere in our culture: our toys, our movies, and now most of the debate focusing on video games.

    But sometimes fun is just fun. Most kids who play with these toys won’t become violent killers. Many kids will even come to hate real world violence as much as they love violent games.

    For all those who insist kids can’t handle this kind of stuff, tell them kids are smart. They should talk to one. Really talk.

  6. Jon Powers says:

    Your kids are going to grow up to be Conservatives.

  7. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Relax! It’s not even a Johnny 7 OMA. Now those things could be dangerous! Every male kid in the neighbourhood wanted one. None of the parents could afford it.

    • wannabeapiper says:

      There is a Johny Seven OMA for sale on Ebay for $575 and I still can’t afford. Life is hell! And if I did buy it-my wife would kill me.
      I can’t win.

      • W the K - No, not Warren says:

        Nobody in my working class world had the OMA but my middle class brother-in-law did. The full package. He also had all the best hot wheels. The Silhouette AND The Beatnik Bandit – both in Dee-troit purple – among them. He still has ’em! I’d hate him if wasn’t such a sweet guy.

        I honestly can’t wait to spend Christmas with him.

  8. wannabeapiper says:

    The best play gun ever designed was the Johny 7 OMA ( One Man Army Gun ). It had like, SEVEN weps on board. My family could never afford one for me and I never got over it!

    I’d take an OMA over a nerf Gun any day!

  9. Raymond says:

    Somehow, that nerf weapon looks ideally suited to Rambozo.

  10. aboucher says:

    You had me at Nerf – must get Nerf gun (maybe I’ll pick one up for my son too)

  11. steyrman says:

    My brother had a Johnny 7 OMA when we were kids. I had better not show him that eBay comment though. $575? He’d have a bird! It was too cumbersome though, really, for playing war when we were kids. My little steel-barrelled Daisy air rifle gave off a good bang and smoked into the bargain when you oiled it (and you could stuff dry dirt into the barrel to get a REAL smoke effect), and was a lot easier to carry around. So far, none of my war-playing friends from 40 years ago have gotten into trouble with the law. I love the NERF guns though.

  12. BC'er says:

    I had a Johnny 7 OMA when I was a kid – and HOLY CRAP – they are worth that now?

    Why doesn’t someone market a new one?, too much hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing from the chattering classes?

    Just wonderin..

  13. Lawrence Stuart says:

    Nerf schmerf. Take the brats out for paintball.

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