12.16.2011 10:50 AM

Question to CIJA

The “C” in their name, as I’ve written before, stands for Conservative. They, and their “CEO,” have become ardent fart-catchers for the Harper government.

Proof of same is found in this question, which is rhetorical:

Have any of you, at any point, condemned the despicable way in which Irwin Cotler – one of our greatest Parliamentarians, and a man regarded in Israel as a giant – has been treated by the Harper government?

Trust me, they haven’t.


  1. William says:

    Partisanship is blind.

    Cotler’s a stand up guy and they won’t apologize to him.

    I’d like to know why the losing candidate in the riding, Saulie Zajdel, is working for James Moore to operate as an alleged shadow MP in the riding.


  2. ernest lustig says:

    YOu hit the nail right on the head. I also think there some other orgs that I do not want to mention THAT FIT INTO THE SAME CATEGORY

  3. Philippe says:

    Will any of them apologize? I mean, it’s not like they stole a pack of jellybeans from K-Mart – what they did was pretty damn heinous. Why not apologize? Had the Libs done that to them and not apologized, they would be going postal right about now with their cry-baby rants.

  4. smelter rat says:

    Really Gord? Do tell.

  5. Jason King says:

    Do you ever work? Some of us dont have the time to obsessively comment because… you know, we have to do our jobs.

  6. pomojen says:

    And we should are all to simply take your word on this.

    If you have credible information that this was not despicable behaviour, out with it. I suspect you won’t or can’t. In that case, be silent.

    • Jason King says:

      Nice Try Gord,

      You havent provided an ounce of evidence to back up your claim. Speculation, conjecture and generalizations do not make proof.

      You made a statement you couldn’t back up, got called on it and responded with speculation.

      Right now Im asking myself why anyone would believe you when you refuse to provide any backup to your claims. Plain and simple

    • Woody says:

      Wait. Is that the kind of inside baseball conbot talking points that you get with the CPC True Blue Believer membership?

      • Philip says:

        And a secret decoder ring, don’t forget the secret decoder ring. Sadly, like the Party which issued it, the ring is a bit crap. It can only provide two settings: “the Liberals did it too” and “we won and can do whatever we please, get used to it”.

    • Jason King says:

      Ah Gord,

      Answering your speculation is just acknowledging your change of the goalposts and avoiding the fact at hand: you made a claim without proof and are not happy to be called out on it.

  7. Ken says:

    But I heard that Irwin Cotler is an anti-semite, and that he’s stepping down! You mean, that’s not true? Someone lied to me?

    (I’ve also heard some things about Peter Van Loan.)

  8. jack says:

    Unless the guy publicly states, HIMSELF, that he is retiring it is all rumour and heresay no matter what was said to anyone. And of course GT mentions nothing of any context either. To even think that this was above board, moral, ethical, is unbelievable. Then to not mention the Speaker’s conflict of interest is also BS. If Cotler had to answer even one call about retirement during his workday as a result of these bogus calls then it DID interfere with his duties as an MP. And why do Cons always have to sue or mention lawsuits. Perhaps you Cons should apologize and be honest rather than wait for everyone to sue. In this case Mr. Tulk your comments demonstrate what seems to be a disregard for these activities by relying on what so and so said to someone at some time. For me, that will taint any of your comments in the future as being highly partisan and that they shold be taken with a few pounds of salt. I don’t understand why Cons cannot admit when things they do are wrong. But as I have said before, harper never implemented even one of Gomery’s recommendations so why would we expect any transparency or accountability now?

    These actions were despicable and dishonest and disturbing. The comment about the job of the polling firm was to destroy liberal carrers also goes beyond any impartiality or professionalism that real polling firms should have. It taints the entire polling industry.

  9. JStanton says:

    … gord, gord, gord. When you make petulant, nonsensical statements like that, even your clever bits get ignored.

    Idiocy like this causes bright white spots in my eyes, which I’m told is the signal to move along, before the aorta blows.

    I don’t deny the dearth of journalistic talent in this country, but to suggest that the vast majority of them are not in thrall to corporatist interests, is either stupidity or delusion on your part.


  10. Kristin says:

    What I find hard to understand is why a Canadian Jewish organization would not want to be identified as Canadian. The new name of the Canadian Jewish Congress reminds me more of a lobbying group on behalf of Israel. I fully support groups that support Israel however if this is the new voice of Jewish Canada shouldn’t it be identified as Canadian?

  11. Jim Hayes says:

    Not only that but wasn’t Cotler a former president of the Canadian Jewish Congress? I wonder how he feels about CIJA the group replacing it taking a sharp right turn? And my Jewish friends never actually heard of this CIJA. They were pretty amazed to hear that the Canadian Jewish congress is now defunct. This must have happened really behind closed doors.

  12. DannyBoy says:

    Fartcatchers? Is Michael Bate ghosting your blog now?

  13. james says:

    I’ve been trying to send them an email through their website, but it says “error” everytime I try…

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