12.14.2011 12:26 PM

The Cotler file: update (and updated)

I’m still enraged by the puppet Speaker’s ruling. When a reader posted this, it made me even madder.

Anyone else knew this?

Carolyn says:
December 14, 2011 at 11:57 am

The firm that did the calling into Cotler’s riding also did $8,198.79 of work for the current Speaker, Andrew Scheer, in the last election. Scheer should have excused himself from making the Privilege decision yesterday because of a conflict of interest!

UPDATE: The CBC, at least, recognizes this is a legitimate (and significant) news story – and doesn’t relegate it to a little-noticed blog, like the Citizen does.  Read it here.


  1. William says:

    I saw a suggestion by a poster on the G&M wondering why Cotler doesn’t lobby Charest to pass a Quebec law outlawing this stuff in the province.

  2. smelter rat says:


  3. Pete says:

    A reformaTory race to the bottom of an ethics and morals pile is well underway.

  4. Ed says:

    And away we go! although if you cannot make your case to the speaker, who do you make it to? Anyone know the procedure? Has speaker ever had a conflict of interest (beyond the obvious one of makeing rulings on his/her own party at times)?

  5. Chris says:

    Unfortunately for us, all of this stuff reeks of procedural wankery and the average voter does not yet care one whit about any of it.

    • Philip says:

      I respectfully disagree Chris. While the nuts and bolts of Mr. Colter’s story are procedural, there seems to be a very tangible sense of values like fair play and respect being thrown overboard. Personally I can say that this is getting attention among some people, who in my experience are politically unengaged. Whether it will simply re-confirm an existing tendency not be become engaged is another question.

      The Conservatives look like shit on this one and they know it. Right now the Globe and Mail comment boards on this story are being Astroturfed by Conservatives desperately trying to drive away any negative comments. It’s actually heartwarming to see.

  6. TheSilentObserver says:

    Well, I’ve officially lost faith in this speaker, not so likely the house will do the same

  7. james Smith says:

    Put this in context; what would the jurnos have said if PET did this to Stanley Knowles? How far the Dear Leader has sunk into filth.

  8. Riaz Khan says:

    No one will remember this in 2015, sadly true.

    • Warren says:

      1. No one cares.
      2. The Liberals did it.
      3. Adscam.
      4. Rinse and repeat.

      • Pat Heron says:

        I hope someone in the Lib-New Dem Party is keeping a log of these items.

      • Lawrence Stuart says:

        My tuppence — Political teflon = lack of resonance. An essay here re: Obama’s scandal free term.

        The most salient bit is this : “A critical variable in aggressive press coverage is whether a story is consistent with what we think we already know about a politician. If it is, the story is more likely to resonate.”

        Pissing on the Liberal brand still has a whole lot of resonance for a whole lot of people. The Cons are babes in the woods.

        Plus, the Cons actually feed on public cynicism toward “government.” Ottawa is the Augean Stables, Harper the clean man soiled by his noble labours.

  9. Riaz Khan says:

    Mr. Kinsella:

    I wish that people would make Mr. Harper accountable in next election but if the last election is of any indication, this will not happen. I wish that you play a major part in the next election for the Liberal Party and the next leader should make you an integral part of his/her inner circle. I still say that the economy will determine his future.

  10. Philip says:

    If he didn’t know, he should have. One phone call to his campaign manager would have cleared that up. Scheer has dropped the ball on this one.

  11. Justin says:

    That would be more if you worked for Ford, not owned one. And Sheer sould have excused himself. It is a conflict of intrest.

  12. Philip says:

    If you were a junior VP for Ford Motor Company (Canada), I think every reasonable person would see an issue with that junior VP sitting on a committee which regulates automobiles.

    I will “torque” away, Mr. Tulk, if you don’t mind.

  13. smelter rat says:

    Another ridiculous attempt to change the channel, Gord.

  14. Danny says:

    The Colter issue, Kyoto, Peter Kent, Justin’s S-bomb and while the Liberals fiddle, (And the NDP do nothing) the Conservatives have taken their first step to win the next election. Bill C-20 to add 30 new seats does two things. 1- It doesn’t anger Quebec, where Harper still thinks he can pick up 10 to 15 seats when the NDP implode, as they look to today. Those extra seats will off-set the Toronto seats the Cons might not expect to keep. And – 2 – close to 20 of the 30 new seats are likely to be Conservative. So the 2015 election is looking like a Conservative win with increased seats today.
    Harper has a long term plan. I don’t think it isn’t nearly as radical or scary as some think or try to sell. But today you see it in action. What are the ‘Progressives’ planning to do about it?

    • jack says:

      danny, you are right. harpers plan of burdening the provionces with more expenses through the crime bill, and more federal expenses with jets will ahve him move quickly to private and/or two tiered health care. This is coming, a leopard doesn’t change his spots and Harper prefers private health care. His tactic to add MPs gives him in more Con strongholds and also adds more expenses to allow him to continue to attack social programs. he knows exactly what hes doing and most Canadians have no clue beacuse in public he says what people want to hear.

      As far as Bob rae goes, if he becomes leader, Harper will destroy him based on his previous record as NDP Premier in Ontario and the many soundbites of him saying he won’t run for the leadership of the libs. His ambition is clouding his judgment to see that the Liberal Party will die if he is leader. he is a great guy but sometimes you have to do whats right for others.

  15. uh? says:

    Yeah, except the Citizen did treat that as a big story. In the edition i saw, it was the main story on the front page.

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