12.18.2011 07:50 PM

The Star and mental illness

This is actually standard operating procedure for the Toronto Star: on one day, make all kinds of sympathetic noises about mental illness, and then – on another day – kick the Hell out of someone who actually suffers from a mental illness.

That’s why I actually don’t mind being a liberal who contributes to right-wing media: they mostly don’t care about the weak, and they don’t hide it. They’re consistent, at least.


  1. CQ says:

    In High Park, our current MPP spoke of a distant criminal past. And her thus-informed constituents still went ahead and elected and later re-elected her. As did Toronto elect our current Mayor – despite the Star’s Florida mugshot story from the late 90s.
    In this case there is an active charge within his riding, from just last month, following an existing pattern.

  2. TheSilentObserver says:

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Shore’s past, but I was also bullied quite relentlessly at times as a child, does this mean I’m destined for kleptomania in my middle age?

  3. james Smith says:

    yeah, well at least they don’t have editorial/front pages like today’s Sun. I think you used the term “FART CATCHER” recently -the term nicely sums it up what the cover of of Sunday’s rag illustrates.

  4. Justin says:

    I’ve become dissolusioned with many facets of the corporate media complex. I dont believe everything on the Internet either, a critical skeptical view can help too.

  5. JenS says:

    So, The Star should have found out about the charges, and either a) swept it under the carpet, or b) written about them without the context provided by the fact he’s dealing with mental health issues? Those are the two alternatives to what they did, and neither strikes me as responsible.

    It kind of makes me think of Hebert’s recent column about the media’s lack of coverage of the reality of Jack Layton’s health situation during the last election. I’m not sure keeping the kid gloves on was the right, most responsible thing to do. We don’t need to know every detail, but there are some matters we should at least know the basics about in order to be able to make an informed decision.

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