12.10.2011 06:43 AM

There’s no honour in killing

Happy to see this. As I wrote in a column a few days ago, it is appalling how some media – and the prosecutors in the case – have falsely suggested that “honour killing” is sanctioned by Islam.

Will the Kingston Crown’s bosses be taking action with the prosecutors who propagated this BS? I sure hope so.


  1. Judy Kendle says:

    The term “honour killings” (in quotation marks) is used in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Guide for prospective immigrants to this country – see the passage below.

    The Equality of Women and Men

    In Canada, men and women are equal under the law. Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, “honour killings,” female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence. Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.

  2. Riaz Khan says:

    I have been living in the West since 1994. I grew up in Muslim home where my parents made sure that we all got proper and serious education regarding many things including the religion. All my brother and sisters by the age of 12 and 13 were debating with religious authorities in my home country regarding many issues involving religion and society. Let me say this: what makes me mad that how many people including many Muslims have no idea about the Quranic teachings. What makes it worse that these are the people who are quoted by the press; not always but more often. I have read Quran, The Bible, The Vedas- from cover to cover. There are no honour killings in Islam. None. However, like all the religious texts, it is reflective of its times and should be taken like that. I am happy that Muslim leaders are coming out and they should regarding any attack on their religion specially when those attack are linked as basic teachings of Quran. My own issue with religion is a different matter. I married a Catholic girl and our two boys follow their mothers’ religious leanings. I have no idea if they will continue with this religious tradition but that is their choice; not mine.

  3. Riaz Khan says:

    Mr. Tulk
    This idiot of a cleric does not need any more attention. His words are nothing more than blah blah and people know that. You can see how his views and so called Fatwa has been dealt with by many Mulims. As far sa taking an issue with Iran and Saudi Arabia, let me tell you, Canadian clerics’ involvement in Iran and Saudi will not do anything. People of Iran and Saudi are fed up with thier own regimes and the regime in those countries’ know that. I was on a business trip in Iran and Saudi few months back and let me tell you, people are angry at the regime. ( I have been going to the region since 2000 and everytime I go, I see increased demand for openess and democracy). That is why King Abdullah distributed 15B US among its people. The region is changing Mr. Tulk. I tell you that. 3C2E

  4. Dan says:

    should you take your own advice and make a speech about racial tolerance at a KKK meeting, or would that be not your fucking problem?

  5. patrick deberg says:


    I really am surprised at you. I thought you were above this sort of thing.

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